How to refill your energy in Metroid Dread

Kraid is a boss Metroid Dread players will not want to fight on low health (Image via MercurySteam)
Kraid is a boss Metroid Dread players will not want to fight on low health (Image via MercurySteam)
Shane Foley

There are plenty of overpowered enemies in Metroid Dread, and keeping Samus healthy is a huge priority.

Metroid Dread is the latest 2D entry in the series, with the previous title being 2002’s Metroid Fusion. As such, it signifies a return to the exploration-heavy gameplay that the franchise is known for.

With some exhausting boss fights and rooms filled with enemies, though, players are going to need to know where they can heal up.

Where can Metroid Dread players replenish their health?

Similar to other games in the franchise, there are three basic ways players can fill up their energy in Metroid Dread: filling up at an energy station, picking up an energy tank, or farming drops from enemies.

The energy recharge stations are scattered all over the map. It’s important that players keep track of where these stations are. There’s almost no reason not to visit and recharge when walking by one of these stations.

In Metroid Dread, there are also new Total Recharge Stations. These luxuries recharge Samus’ missile count as well as her energy. In other games, there are only separate missile recharge stations that are few and far between.

Players can also find Energy Tanks around planet ZDR. The way energy works in Metroid is that each tank is worth 99 units of energy. When a new tank is added, 99 health gets added.

Not only are there energy tanks, but also energy parts. Collecting four of these smaller items will result in another bar of health being added on, similar to Heart Pieces in The Legend of Zelda.

The final way to gain health in Metroid Dread is through old fashioned farming enemies. Each time an enemy is destroyed, they either drop energy or missiles. One strategy players can use is to keep a mental note of areas where a horde of weaker enemies is grouped together. They can simply eliminate this group and then recover lots of energy from the drops.

This strategy also helps during some boss fights, too. Kraid, for example, shoots small projectiles that Samus can destroy. These projectiles drop health and missiles, so Samus can stay in the fight longer.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
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