How to get free AG Currency after PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Update

Get Free AG Currency In PUBG Mobile
Get Free AG Currency In PUBG Mobile

With the release of PUBG Mobile's latest update 0.18.0, a brand new currency named AG currency has been introduced into the game. Prior to that, there were two currencies in the game called UC (unknown cash) and silver fragments.

However, with the launch of this new currency, it will be much easier for players to buy outfits outfits and other skins in the game. Let us see how you can get free AG Currency in PUBG Mobile.

How to get free AG Currency in PUBG Mobile


PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 version comes with brand new achievements that will reward free AG currency to players. Here is a list of some easy achievements which you can complete to get the new currency for free.

#1 Desert Tourist

In this achievement, players will need to complete the following missions in Miramar Classic Mode.

  • Number of energy drinks used in Oasis: 1 time
  • Number of Molotov Cocktails used in Ruins: 1 time
  • Number of kills while driving Golden Mirado: 1 time
  • Number of leaps off the ramp while driving any vehicle: 3 time
  • Number of headshots with Win94: 1 time
  • Number of times 8 drinks are obtained from Vending Machines: 1 time

#2 Scrambler

In this achievement of PUBG Mobile, players will need to win 5 Bluehole modes. This new mode can be found in the arcade section of the game.

#3 Lifelong Learner

In this achievement, players will need to play 30 Brothers in Arms matches. It will reward them with 100 AG currency.

#4 Bullseye

In this achievement, players need to get more than 75 points on 15 occasions at the Cheer Park Shooting Range.

#5 Elite Communicator

In this achievement, players can get 100 AG currency by sending 31 radio messages in the chat channel.

Royale Pass

In the upcoming Royale Pass, there will be an option where players choose between UC or AG currency as rewards after completing a certain mission.


PUBG Mobile has announced that it will release various events through which players can get free AG currency. These events will have very simple missions that will rewards gamers with the currency one they are completed.

Free AG Currency in PUBG Mobile
Free AG Currency in PUBG Mobile

One such event has already been released and is named Cartoon Rangers. In this event, players can get AG currency by completing the missions mentioned in the event.

How To Use AG Currency In PUBG Mobile

Free AG Currency in PUBG Mobile
Free AG Currency in PUBG Mobile

The new currency can be used in the Shop section of the game to buy various new outfits, backpack skins and weapon skins available in the game. It will help players who don't buy the Royale Pass to get their hands on many interesting items in the game, thereby enabling them to enjoy the game a lot more.

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