How to land faster in PUBG Mobile

How to land faster in PUBG Mobile
How to land faster in PUBG Mobile
Rohit Singh Jaswal

PUBG Mobile is a survival battle royale game in which players land on an island and then fight each other to get the Chicken Dinner. A player needs to find guns and other utilities faster than others, which is only possible if they land faster than their opponents and get good weapons for the whole squad.

In this article, we discuss how to land faster in PUBG Mobile.

#1 Camera angle

Camera angle can be a big tweak
Camera angle can be a big tweak

One of the most important factors while jumping and landing in PUBG Mobile is your game angle. If your camera angle is towards your marked location, then you will easily land faster than enemies. It will help you to pick weapons and armor faster and kill opponents easily.

If your camera angle is on the wrong side and you press jump, then there are major chances that you might lose your initial gliding speed. It will make you land slower, and you will have a high chance of getting killed early on.

#2 Appropriate distance to press jump

Appropriate distance is vital

Appropriate distance is vital

Another important trick is the appropriate distance to press the jump button. In PUBG Mobile, many players land on hot drops like Pochinki and Gergopol when they are near the plane path. So the best distance to land faster than other players is between 750m to 800m. It means when the distance to your marked location comes in between these markings, you need to press the jump button as fast as possible. It will surely help you land a lot faster in PUBG Mobile.

#3 Getting to maximum glide speed

Gliding speed is another vital aspect
Gliding speed is another vital aspect

PUBG Mobile has two glide speeds: maximum glide speed and minimum glide speed. The maximum speed that a player can achieve in the game is 234 km/h. Once you press the jump button, always try to attain this speed so that you can land faster than others. A player can achieve this speed by sliding the analog button downwards, while sliding the camera angle towards the land area. It will help a player to reach the 234 km/h speed in a few seconds, and they will easily touch down faster than others.

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