PUBG Mobile: How to push Conqueror in Season 13 in 10 days (ultimate guide)

Conqueror In Season 13
Conqueror In Season 13
Rohit Singh Jaswal

Once a player starts playing PUBG Mobile, they get to know about the different titles allotted by the game. All players dream of getting to the highest tier of the game, which is Conqueror. In this article, we discuss the best tips and tricks to push for Conqueror status in Season 13 of PUBG Mobile.

Reach Conqueror In Season 13

#1 When To Push Rank

Many players can't decide whether they should push their ranks at the start of the season or when the season is about to end. It is recommended to start pushing your rank in the first week of this Season 13 to the highest tier possible. After that, you will find it easier to reach Conqueror in Season 13.

#2 Utilities

When you are rank pushing to Conqueror in Season 13, try keeping more utilities in your backpack instead of ammunition. When there are about 20-30 players alive till the last zone, it becomes very difficult to survive if you don't have a hardcover.

So, in that case, if you smoke 6-7 grenades, they will come in very handy in giving you some good cover in the final circle.

#3 Encountering Hackers

This is the part where many players tend to leave rank push. When you reach the Crown tier, you will start having many encounters with cheaters or hackers in the game. To tackle this, try to play different maps and especially play Miramar map as it has the lowest probability of hackers playing on it.

#4 Zone Prediction

With the latest updates in PUBG Mobile, the zone prediction for players has become very difficult as the zone tends to move to those parts where fewer players are present. So, when pushing rank to Conqueror in Season 13, players are advised to try to stay on the edge of the zone until the fifth zone starts.

After that, try to find a good compound in which you can hold on till the final zone and ultimately get a winner winner chicken dinner.

Conqueror In Season 13
Conqueror In Season 13

#5 Rush Or Survival Gameplay

Players who are doing a rank push for Conqueror in Season 13, should try to kill more and more players until they reach the Diamond tier. After that, the focus should be on a mix of survival and kill points until Crown tier is reached.

After that, whether you are pushing in solo or duo, you have to try to survive until the top 5 teams. After that, you can go for the kills, as that will give some good plus points to your ranking.

#6 Importance Of Kills

The importance of kills increases once you reach the Crown tier during a rank push. So, do try to get a minimum of 3-4 kills per match in the Crown tier as it will help you in maintaining your KD as well as will reward you with good plus points.

#7 Importance Of Vehicles

In rank push, having a vehicle is very important as it can help in various situations. Vehicles can help you travel faster on the map and can provide good hardcover once busted in the final zones. So, try to first get a vehicle upon landing at your desired place on the map.

#8 Gun Combination


If you are rank pushing to Conqueror in Season 13, then the best gun combination for you is having two Assault Rifles. The best combination is an AKM and M416, or, if you can't find them, then an SMG like UZI, along with an assault rifle, will do wonders for you.

Conqueror In Season 13
Conqueror In Season 13


If you are rank pushing in a duo to Conqueror In Season 13, then one player must have a Sniper Rifle or good DMR like Mini14 or SLR with him. It can help you to deliver a good initial blow to the enemy team or for stealing kills with just one or two headshots.


In a squad, every player should use guns in which they are adept. For instance, if a player is a good sniper, then the first sniper rifle should be given to him. Every player must have guns according to their roles in the squad.

#9 How Many Points Required For Conqueror

There is no specific point limit in PUBG Mobile for the Conqueror title. The title is given to the top 500 players of any server once they get to the Ace tier.

Conqueror In Season 13
Conqueror In Season 13

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