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How to play Fortnite: 5 Basic tips to improve your gameplay from the get-go!

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Fortnite Battle Royale

Everyone knows that Fortnite is the go-to game of the year. Epic Games' Fortnite Battle Royale is easily the most played free-to-play game off late. The number of players joining in to play the game is just an upward curve because Epic Games listens to their community and keeps the game clean and makes it a very enjoyable experience for everyone who plays the game.

The way Epic Games makes revenue out of this game is only out of cosmetic items which is basically a change of skins, gliders or harvest tools. In no way does a purchase of one of these cosmetic items improve or give an edge to the player who bought it.

These cosmetic items are just for eye sake and will not have any difference in gameplay because Epic Games knows that would be an unfair advantage and would also have the possibility of breaking the game.

So what is Fortnite Battle Royale? Let me break it down for you to the simplest explanation possible. A flying bus drops you and 99 other players on a map filled with structures, guns and harvestable materials. The player has to use all the provided in-game elements to his/her advantage and make sure that they defeat opposing players when they come across them in the map and ensure that the player is the last man standing. This will give the player a Victory Royale a.k.a they're the winner of the game.

To do this, of course, everyone needs a little practice to absorb all the parts of the map and what not. But also, some tips will come in handy when playing the game and here we look at some of the same.

#1 Manage your inventory well

Inventory management is necessary

Where a lot of players tend to make a mistake in the starting is in the inventory space. Players tend to believe that more guns equal easier combat situations and that in turn will lead them to an easier win. But that is not true. Stacking 5 guns in the given precious inventory space is not necessary.

The best way to fill up the slots is to fill them up with three guns, one explosive and one healing item.

That is to say, a sample ideal inventory would look like this:

1 - Assault rifle/Submachine gun

2 - Shotgun

3 - Sniper rifle

4 - Med kit/Armor potions

5 - Grenades/Rocket launcher

This kind of an inventory would let the player have an easier and more convenient way of dealing with a combat situation.

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