How to use Blue Signal Log in Honkai Star Rail

How to use Blue Signal Log in Honkai Star Rail
How to use Blue Signal Log in Honkai Star Rail (Image via HoYoverse)

During the early game phase of Honkai Star Rail, Trailblazers can wrap up various quests at the Herta Space Station to earn valuable rewards and experience points. Likewise, “To the Faint Star” is one of the early missions that initiate over a text message from a researcher named Rocky, requiring you to complete various tasks and collect the Blue Signal Log to make further progress.

Certain quest items in Honkai Star Rail are considered collectibles, but few, on the other hand, are exhausted in their respective missions. The Blue Signal Log belongs to the latter category, as anyone can use it to shape Rocky’s future by the end of the aforementioned questline.

Use the Blue Signal Log to unlock an achievement in Honkai Star Rail

The Blue Signal Log is obtainable from the “To the Faint Star” mission, which unlocks at Trailblaze level 13. As a key quest item, you can exchange it to obtain the Diamond and Rust Achievement or lie to Rocky about his crush’s reply.

How to obtain Blue Signal Log


Once you interact with Rocky, you will be promptly tasked to investigate the Galaxy Airwave Repeater and discover what has been intercepting Lesley’s reply to his heartfelt love confession. Follow the steps below to obtain the Blue Signal Log in Honkai Star Rail.

  • Teleport to the Storage Zone and interact with the database in the repeater room, indicated by a marker on your map.
  • It contains all the messages you can read once you repair the system.
  • Go through each of the bridge puzzles and fend off monsters on your way to the Disposal Site to collect the Ultra Nickel Part from the chests in the area.
  • You will find the first chest across the orange bridge from the beginning and the second on the circular platform at the bottom of the room.
  • Now head back to the repeater room and repair the components to search the log record for Lesley’s message, indicated as "2157 AE, Months 56-present.”
  • Upon finding out that the message has been tampered with, you must check the Galaxy Airwave Repeater’s camera footage from the Monitor Room, where Bernard will be revealed as the culprit.
  • Confront him to obtain the Blue Signal Log, along with an additional Red Signal Log.

How to use the Blue Signal Log


After obtaining the Blue Log Signal, you can use it to extract two different outcomes for Rocky’s future for the entirety of Honkai Star Rail’s runtime. Offer him the log to create a misconception about Lesley's rejection, allowing him to stick to his current position as a researcher.

However, the Red Signal Log will offer the truth where his feelings were accepted, prompting him to abandon his current position at Herta Space Station. In that case, return the Blue Log Signal to Bernard, unlocking the Diamond and Rust Achievement.

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