How to win free gold in the Slash Royale event in Clash Royale 

Clash Royale’s Slash Royale event returns with a gold rush (Image via Supercell)
Clash Royale’s Slash Royale event returns with a gold rush (Image via Supercell)

Clash Royale’s Slash Royale event returns with plenty of gold on offer for players. Among the participants, one lucky winner will win five million gold. This is especially useful for those running short of this valuable resource in the game. Additionally, there is a lot more to look forward to in Clash Royale’s Slash Royale event.

In this feature, we guide you through the steps needed to be the ultimate gold digger in the Slash Royale event.

Clash Royale Slash Royale returns with Raffle Royale Lucky Draw, Great Gold Rush, and more


The Raffle Royale draw provides you with a golden opportunity to be the grand prize winner of five million gold. From June 5 to 15, tickets will appear every day you log in, except on Fridays. All you need to do is collect them and exchange them later for gold on June 15.

The Mega Raffle Royale draw concludes on June 16 with the announcement of the grand winner, who will be picked from the pool of players who logged in and collected tickets. The more tickets you collect, the greater your chances of winning the five million gold. Gifts will be dispersed to the respective winners by June 18.

Additionally, each ticket gives you 1000 gold. So, make sure to log in every day and make full use of the opportunity presented by Clash Royale Slash Royale’s Raffle Royale Lucky Draw.

There’s plenty of gold to dig during the Clash Royale Slash Royale event, as the Great Gold Rush is also back. You can earn 200,000 more gold depending on your Arena level. Finally, the biggest highlight in the Slash Royale event is the 50% reduction on all game upgrades.

You can collect gold every day and use them at half the discounted prices throughout this week to upgrade your cards to the next level.

There's also plenty of gold for other players who have not won the mega prize, as thousands of gold bundles are up for grabs, including 10 winners receiving one million gold each and 5,000 gold to other lucky winners at the Big Raffle Draw.

Ensure you grab all the gold you can and upgrade your characters at highly discounted prices for a few days.

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