Humble Choice game bundle for February 2022: Borderlands 3 with Director's Cut DLC, Black Book, Per Aspera, and more

The bundle for this month has a lot to offer (Image via Borderlands 3 and Black Book)
The bundle for this month has a lot to offer (Image via Borderlands 3 and Black Book)

February's Humble Choice bundle has some incredible games on offer for users. The digital front will feature Borderlands 3 and other fantastic indie titles for a significantly discounted rate.

The bundle for this month has a lot to offer users, but the biggest highlight for February will be the triple-A shooter Borderlands 3 and its Director's Cut DLC.

But that's not to say that the other titles on offer are any less when it comes to providing players with hours of entertainment. They have the following games to look forward to in February:

  • Borderlands 3 with Director's Cut DLC
  • Black Book
  • Per Aspera
  • Just Die Already
  • Before We Leave
  • Paradise Lost
  • Everhood
  • Calico

This is indeed a great bundle deal from Humble, as the store had recently reduced the cost of its monthly subscriptions and unveiled its own launcher. Humble members interested in the titles mentioned above will be able to redeem the discounted games from the Steam store itself.

Borderlands 3 and its Director's Cut DLC are in February's Humble Choice bundle

As mentioned, Borderlands 3 and the Director's Cut will be the biggest highlight for Humble's February bundle for many players and service users.

The Director's Cut specifically adds a lot more to the base game, including an entirely new tier of loot rewards. Additionally, this edition will also provide users with special diamond keys used to open the loot armory located beneath the bridge of the ship, Sanctuary III.

The armory will provide players with a limited amount of time to get their hands on an exceptional piece of gear from a selection off of each wall.


Along with Borderlands 3, another noteworthy title that players will also be able to grab is the Martian city-builder, Per Aspera. It will let them play the role of a lone AI tasked with making the planet habitable again.

Eventually, the game will allow the AI to try and manage the entire planet, which will make her experience anxiety because of how daunting the task gets.

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