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"I know I made the right decision": Disguised Toast explains why he is happy on Facebook Gaming rather than Twitch

Disguised Toast  (image via Disguised Toast, FB Gaming)
Disguised Toast (image via Disguised Toast, FB Gaming)
Aryan Mehta
Modified 05 Apr 2021

Former Twitch streamer turned Facebook Gaming star, Disguised Toast, recently hosted a "Just Chatting" stream on his rarely used Twitch channel. He got candid with his chat and explained why he's still on Facebook Gaming.

Disguised Toast filled in a lot of blanks as to why he continues to stream on a platform that isn't Twitch.

He spoke about the intricacies of his deal, the nature of both platforms, and how his move was criticized in the past.

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Disguised Toast on his continued presence off Twitch

Disguised Toast briefly returned to his Twitch community for a "Just Chatting" stream, where a member of his chat pleaded him to return to Twitch full-time with the plea "Toast king please come back to Twitch."

This was Disguised Toast's response:

"Eh, we'll see. I'm pretty happy on Facebook. I know people meme on it, but being able to listen to music, stream whatever I want, not have to feel competitive with my friends, get paid a significant amount of money and still at the end of the day being able to stream on Twitch, like, why would I give that up?"

He claimed that he still pulls in over 10k viewers per stream and gets millions of views on YouTube. The claims that his popularity would die have been proven wrong, and he seemed extremely happy with his deal.

After a year and a half of streaming on Facebook and no apparent drop in his popularity, Disguised Toast will be happy to learn that switching from Twitch to Facebook was a good decision.

This is how he put it:

"I know I made the right decision."

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Published 05 Apr 2021, 18:19 IST
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