Valkyrae opens up about her preferences and explains why it's sad for her

YouTube star Valkyrae opened up about her preferences on stream recently (image via United Talent Agency)
YouTube star Valkyrae opened up about her preferences on stream recently (image via United Talent Agency)

Popular gaming personality Valkyrae recently went into detail about her preferences on a stream. The 29-year-old streamer has been breaking records since the start of her streaming career, edging out Pokimane as the most-watched female streamer of 2020.

Given her stature as a streamer, fans have been unnaturally curious about her preferences for a while. Valkyrae has finally clarified the doubts.

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Valkyrae candidly discusses her preferences on stream

Stating that she's shocked that she's straight, Valkyrae said that she's hilariously annoyed by that fact.

"I am shocked I'm straight, I am actually shocked I'm not even bi. Why!? I can't believe it with how much I love women. I should be at least bis**ual but I'm not, that sucks for me."

Valkyrae mentions that she "loves" women and can platonically appreciate women regarding their looks but mentioned that she is not attracted to them.

Throughout the clip, Valkyrae can be seen as agitated by the fact that she's straight as an arrow. In response to claims by her chat that she's in denial, Valkyrae said,

"I wish I was in denial, but I legit am just straight. I am. It's unfortunate. I'm not se**ally attracted to women, but I think women are freaking hot. I can appreciate beauty in women, but I'm not se**ally attracted to women"

The speculation began with Valkyrae's tweet on International Women's Day, where she expressed a lot of love for women all over the globe.

After a lot of speculation, Valkyrae has set the record straight for fans who were curious. While people might continue asking her about it, Valkyrae's message was clear. She's straight.

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