"I like my life more now": PewDiePie opens up about his future, mental health and more  

Image via Time Magazine
Image via Time Magazine

One of the biggest content creators on the planet, Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg recently addressed his career and future plans during a candid Q&A session.

The 31-year old Swedish YouTuber hosted an insightful Q&A session on his YouTube channel recently, where he spoke about a plethora of topics, which ranged from how he deals with fame to life after YouTube.

Despite being one of the most influential and biggest names on YouTube, PewDiePie is admired for his humble approach, and the interactive relationship that he shares with millions of fans across the globe.

From his love for Japan to his anime reading list, his recent YouTube video proved to be a wholesome experience for viewers, as they got to delve a little deeper into the psyche of their favourite YouTuber.

PewDiePie takes part in a wholesome Q&A session


PewDiePie's journey so far has been nothing short of a fairytale, as he has continued to grow from strength to strength with each passing year.

From his early days of streaming horror games such as Amnesia to becoming the most subscribed YouTuber today with more than a 100 million subscribers, PewDiePie continues to inspire several of his fans, who eagerly await the release of his videos.

In an insightful session with fans recently, PewDiePie replied to one particular question by a fan, which asked him if he enjoys YouTube more, ever since he started taking rest days.

In response, he opened up about the change in his lifestyle compared to the early days of grinding it out on YouTube:

"I don't know if I particularly like YouTube more, but I like my life more! I enjoyed uploading every single day because I was enjoying YouTube so much, but then I realized it's just not a healthy way to live know just playing games on my own and shit like that. "

PewDiePie also went on to speak about his plans of someday settling down in Japan and reminisced about his soulful journey so far, which fortunately has been replete with a host of memorable moments.

On being asked a question as to when he plans to stop uploading, PewDiePie comes up with a hilarious response:

"I guess when I'm dead....for sure!"

When asked about his mental health, the 31-year old shared an insightful response about the influence YouTube can have on one's mindset:

"I just think I realized that I enjoy making videos , I don't enjoy making all this spectacle all the doesn't necessarily affect me that much but it's a thing where if it keeps going for a long time , it just gets kinda exhausting I would say. "

The most interesting statement comes around the 5:45 mark, where he reveals that he is already "retired" from YouTube:

"I've already retired, I decided a couple of months ago ...I'm doing YouTube in a more low pace ...I'm sorry, that means I'm not uploading as frequently as I am but I just decided , I'm retired!"

PewDiePie also shares the one thing which he doesn't like about YouTube which is related to the pressure of being so influential:

"The only thing I don't like about YouTube is just how much people put that my influence right...oh, he has his audience right, he has to be a certain's other people imposing on me how I should act, which is really annoying. "
"I just enjoy making videos without caring about what a group of people who don't watch me think. "

After announcing that he has earmarked December as "gaming month", the biggest takeaway from PewDiePie's heartfelt Q & A session is his philosophical standpoint in life, which drives home a thought-provoking and powerful message:

"Sensational pleasures will never give you long-term happiness okay? Long-term happiness comes from flourishing in life and being the person you want to be , the best version of yourself. "

Hear, hear.

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