'I love you dad': Twitch streamer gets emotional as her father tunes in to live stream  

Image Credits: Taydro/ Twitch
Image Credits: Taydro/ Twitch

Recently, Twitch bore witness to a rather wholesome moment during a live stream, when a streamer's father tuned in and expressed how proud he was of her.

Twitch is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world, which hosts personalities from various walks of life. The profession of streaming has become one of the most viable and wholesome occupations in today's digital age.

Moreover, since the onset of the global pandemic, Twitch streaming has received a further boost, with several starting their own channels and establishing an interactive relationship with their fans from across the globe.

Apart from several big names, many small streamers have also been flourishing, as there is no dearth in terms of quality content, with viewers often left spoilt for choice when it comes to flitting through Twitch channels.

Recently, viewers were in for a wholesome experience, when a Twitch streamer by the name of Taydro, became emotional on spotting a surprise guest pop into her live stream - that being none other than her supportive father.

Wholesome Father- Daughter moment caught on Twitch live stream

Taydro is a 27-year old Twitch streamer, who has around 9K followers on the Amazon-owned platform.

During a recent stream of hers, she began by stating that she was currently streaming from a rented apartment, and that she wasn't at her own home.

As her stream progresses, at one particular juncture, she receives a heartwarming message from her father, who pops into her chat to deliver the following message:

"Good morning beautiful daughter, Love you."

A simple, yet wholesome message is all it took to incite an emotional response from the Twitch streamer, who was visibly overwhelmed by her father's message. As she held back tears, she replied:

"Dad hi, I love you....that made me tear up, I love you dad. "

Their recent exchange, although brief, proved to be a rare instance of Twitch streamers opening up about their feelings, when it comes to their parents.

The end result was a wholesome streamer moment, which received praise from the Reddit community:

Image Credits: Reddit
Image Credits: Reddit
Image Credits: Reddit
Image Credits: Reddit

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