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"I'm just too famous": Shroud reacts as Twitch blocks raid for having too many viewers 

YouTube Image Via Shroud
YouTube Image Via Shroud
Modified 12 Jan 2021, 07:03 IST

Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek tried to raid another stream after he was ending his own, until Twitch blocked him from doing so because of the number of viewers that he had watching him.

At the time that Shroud was about to end his own stream, he was at nearly 90,000 viewers who were watching him in the Just Chatting section. He had planned to send the raid to a smaller streamer, RaidedEpicz. But when he attempted to do so, a message popped up that said, "Sorry, you have more viewers than the maximum currently supported by raids right now."

It's not every day that a streamer has nearly 90,000 viewers simply watching a just chatting stream, so the raid maximum cap may be a surprise to many on Twitch. Regardless, Shroud took it in stride and named off a few smaller streamers that his viewers could go raid on their own, with or without an official raid.

Before signing off for the day, Shroud said, "Go to all three of them. I actually can't raid. I guess I'm just too famous. Suffering from success. You know? Story of my life." It was the usual dry humor response that shroud will give in any situation like that.

A spike in viewership for Shroud and for Rust on Twitch

Shroud not being able to raid another streamer due to a cap on viewers comes at a time when the community is flourishing. Streamers like Shroud and xQc, who already have huge followings, are already seeing an even larger influx in views. It explains the nearly 90,000 viewers as he was ending the stream.


While Shroud does have millions of followers on Twitch and on YouTube, the success from Rust is still apparent. It's likely out of the blue for many Twitch viewers that Rust has become the king of games to stream on the platform. It went from a few thousand views in the section at a time, to hundreds of thousands without fail.

The sudden success can be attributed to OfflineTV and more specifically, BaboAbe who created the server and sparked the idea. OfflineTV's server is a private rust server for streamers all across Twitch that has created one of the biggest mashups of streamers in a game to date.

Much of that traffic in viewership has spread out to all the streamers involved, and that includes Shroud who has been pulling in some huge viewing numbers along with xQc.

Published 12 Jan 2021, 07:03 IST
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