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"I don't want you to be sad": Sykkuno overwhelms xQc with kindness during the "Rust" stream

Image via xQc/Twitch
Image via xQc/Twitch
Modified 30 Dec 2020, 17:27 IST

Two of the most popular Twitch streamers in the world at the moment, Sykkuno and xQc, recently shared a wholesome moment on live stream, which is winning hearts on the internet.

The incident took place during a recent collaborative stream of survival game "Rust," where the stacked OTV server invited Felix "xQc" Lengyel to join them.

Throughout the game, xQc often portrayed the role of a stereotypical villain by looting the opponent's base and relentlessly eliminating enemies without remorse.

However, at one particular juncture, the wholesomeness of Sykkuno ended up getting the better of xQc as well.

In a clip that has now gone viral online, Sykkuno can be seen generously donating his handcrafted weapons to xQc, who, in return, was taken aback by his kindness.

Sykkuno x xQc's interaction wins over the internet


In the clip above, xQc was surprised to see Sykkuno willingly donate his tools to him and proceeded to ask him the reason behind it.

In response, Sykkuno replied in his trademark, wholesome manner and revealed that he handcrafted the tools himself:

"I'll be honest, I don't know if you're the nicest guy out there, but I just don't want you to be sad, so as long as you're not sad, that's all I'm looking for."

This random act of kindness melted xQc, who seemed overwhelmed by the gesture, as he humorously promised to save a spot for him in his quest for "world domination":

"Aww, thanks man! That's pretty sweet of you; you didn't have to man! You're crazy man! I'll remember, when I rule the world, you'll have a spot."

Social media was abuzz with several reactions as fans responded to this recent interaction:


As the internet continues to gush over xQc's recent wholesome reaction to Sykkuno, it seems like no one can be immune to his polite demeanor and extremely humble disposition.

The 28-year old Twitch streamer is revered as one of the nicest streamers today, whose camaraderie with the likes of Corpse Husband, Jacksepticeye, Valkyrae, and more never fails to win over the internet.


By the looks of their recent interaction, it seems like Sykkuno has just won himself a new fan, who happens to be none other than xQc.

Published 30 Dec 2020, 17:27 IST
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