"I'm so sick and tired, man!": Dr DisRespect smashes his expensive setup in Warzone rage

Dr DisRespect slams PC setup in Warzone-induced rage (Image via CHAMPIONS CLUB/YouTube)
Dr DisRespect slams PC setup in Warzone-induced rage (Image via CHAMPIONS CLUB/YouTube)
Riddhima Pal

Dr DisRespect goes quite a long way back with Call of Duty Warzone. While he keeps raging against the game, he keeps returning to it every time. This time, however, the streamer became so angry with Warzone's glitchy aim assist that he broke his setup in rage.

The streamer is one of the most loyal players of the game but also one of the harshest critics of the title. He is known to rage quit the game quite often.

Warzone is infamous for the amount of glitches and hackers in the game. It has come to such a point that many prominent players of the title have already quit the game because of these issues.


Dr DisRespect slams PC gaming setup in Warzone-induced rage after elimination by console's aim assist

Doc was streaming Warzone and trying to get one of his classic headshots. However, he was soon shot by his opponents with the help of aim assist, which enraged him. The streamer stood up and pushed his chair, slamming his entire PC setup in the process.

"I’m so sick and tired, man! I’m just f**king sick and tired of this cheesy a*s aim assist, all this crossplay!"

Sitting back in his chair, Dr DisRespect continued to rant about how the aim assist made the game extremely un-playable, as it gave a huge advantage to controller players.

"It’s disgusting the advantage controller players have, and really, it feels like they’ve got seventh-grade training wheels on."

Dr DisRespect has previously made his displeasure regarding the aim assist feature known publicly and stated that he wishes the developers would remove this feature from the game. He believes the aim assist feature is slowly killing the Call of Duty game.

The fact that I have a $300,000 PC that does nothing against aim assist blows my mind.

The streamer has stated his blatant hatred for the aim assist feature not only in Warzone, but in other battle royale titles such as Apex Legends as well. He believes the feature ruins the gameplay experience for players and labeled it the "version of hacks." He believes that this feature makes the game too easy, thereby ruining the gameplay experience.

Dr DisRespect has stated multiple times that he would like Raven Software to remove the aim assist feature from Warzone altogether. Only time will tell if Raven Software will listen to the streamer's demands.

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