Dr DisRespect reaches his breaking point with Call of Duty Warzone, calls it a "snooze fest"

Dr DisRespect reveals he is seriously considering quitting Call of Duty Warzone (Image via Sportskeeda)
Dr DisRespect reveals he is seriously considering quitting Call of Duty Warzone (Image via Sportskeeda)

Dr DisRespect has had quite a love-hate relationship with Call of Duty Warzone. Be it hackers in the game or the many different technical issues, Dr DisRespect has never shied away from ranting about Warzone on his livestreams. He has previously stated that he wants to quit the game multiple times, and had actually done so in July this year.

However, it seems he has finally reached his breaking point with Warzone. He stated that the game has become a "snooze fest" for him, and he plans on stopping playing it entirely till Activision decides to do something to make the game more interesting.

Dr DisRespect reveals he wants to quit Warzone till Activision releases Vanguard's Tropic maps


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In one of his recent streams, a fan asked Dr DisRespect about Call of Duty Warzone. While Doc usually goes on a rant about the game, stating whatever he thinks is wrong with the game, this time, he seemed completely done with the title.

"That's it for me, man."

Dr DisRespect very blatantly stated that he was not interested in playing a game that was so boring that it felt like it had been designed for either children or geriatrics. He claimed that he did not find the game interesting enough to play anymore and feels as though the only thing that can save Warzone is the new Vanguard map.

“Get me off this f**king game. Holy sh*t, what a snooze fest. I’m literally falling asleep. I don’t know if I can do this anymore. I am genuinely feeling like completely stopping until this new map comes out. I’m not getting anything from that map anymore, the gunplay, the gunfights. It’s all the same to me now. I just have no passion, no interest to play a game designed for 11-year-olds. Either 11-year-olds or 85-year-old men."

Doc even stated that he has no more enthusiasm left for the game since he has had the Warzone experience through and through, and there's nothing new and interesting for him in the game any longer.

"The game has turned into a joke at this point, and I’m just not into it. Warzone is just, I really think it’s never been this bad to play. I have no interest left, no enthusiasm. I’ve done it, seen it all, experienced it all in the game."

Dr DisRespect seems hopeful about the new Vanguard map, so it might be something that stops him from quitting Warzone. It would do Activision well to add some new interesting elements to Warzone before prominent streamers like Dr DisRespect look for other titles to switch over to.

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