“It’s boring, it’s sickening," Dr Disrespect finally uninstalls CoD Warzone after a series of threats

Image credits Dr Disrespect
Image credits Dr. Disrespect

Dr Disrespect has finally gone all the way with his frustration with Call of Duty Warzone. After months of complaining about the game, it appears as if Doc has finally quit the game for good.

During his July 21st stream, Doc was hosting one of his classics, the Triple Treat Challenge. In this challenging series, Doc takes up high adrenaline in three different games, and tries to get a dub in all three. He has done this multiple times, with a variety of titles, including Fortnite, Apex Legends, PUBG and Blackout. In this recent stream, Doc took on the challenge in three games: PUBG, Warzone and Rouge Company.

Battle Royale has been one of Doc's favorite genres to play over the years. Warzone is a tailormade title for him, but Dr Disrespect has always had a hard time in the game. Whether he is alone or with his trusted Warzone pro, ZLaner, it is not uncommon to find Doc raging because of campers, hackers or bugs.

Is Dr Disrespect coming back to Warzone?

Dr Disrespect has multiple times threatened to uninstall Warzone. After raging multiple times on past streams, Doc wanted to delete the game but held back and gave it a chance the next day. However, on July 21st, he had had enough. After getting a smooth "Chicken Dinner" on PUBG, Doc moved on to Warzone to continue the streak. However, after dying to a MAC-10 abuser who could not be spotted on the screen (probably abusing the invisible glitch), Doc started losing it. He even lost the Gulag fight as he was not able to hear any footsteps of his opponents and ended up looking the wrong way. Immediately, Doc quit the game and unistalled Warzone, live on his stream.

He moved on to Rouge Company and promised his Champions Club that instead of Warzone he would try to get the dub on Apex Legends to complete the Triple Threat Challenge. Later, Dr Disrespect expressed to his live chat the reason he was not doing well in Warzone.

"I think I’m playing bad in that game because I’m just not interested in it at all anymore."

Dr Disrespect not playing Warzone is a tough pill to swallow. However, he would not be the first one to rage quit the game. Warzone is in a pretty messy state at the moment, and Raven Software might have lost one of its biggest content creators due to multiple issues. The Champions Club might have to wait and see if Dr Disrespect ever decides to return to Verdansk. In his latest stream, Dr Disrespect did not play Warzone but instead jumped into Halo as Halo: Infinite gears up for release later this year.

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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