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"I probably did mess up": Valkyrae kicks off the GTA RP server with a hilarious slip-up 

(Image via Sportskeeda)
(Image via Sportskeeda)
Nakul Ahuja
Modified 04 Apr 2021

Rachel Hofstetter, better known by her online alias Valkyrae, recently broke a rule while playing the GTA NoPixel server and stated that she was "learning."

The GTA server has been breaking the internet since it came out in February this year. So much so that even LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Travis Scott have revealed their characters and have participated in the RP server.

Valkyrae was roaming around the city, randomly shooting at people. Having arrived on the server recently, she was clearly unaware of the rules, including the NVL or No Value of Life.

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The rules for the RP server try and simulate a real-life experience without which the server would descend into utter chaos. When Valkyrae fired back at someone pointing a gun at her, RP players were not too happy.

Valkyrae takes revenge over the Twitch streamer who shot her

CathFawr, a Twitch streamer, was roleplaying as a gang member when Valkyrae walked into her house. CathFawr pulled out a gun and pointed it towards Valkyrae. Valkyrae was unaware of the NVL rule and didn't hesitate to retaliate.

CathFawr got the better of her and killed her. Valkyrae decided to take revenge and looked for CathFawr’s channel on the streaming platform and asked her fans to raid CathFawr’s chat. Just when she thought she had the last laugh in the battle, CathFawr said this:


Yeah, like, she’ll learn the ropes for roleplaying. For sure.”

Valkyrae started panicking and asked her followers for help regarding the rules of the RP server.

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Here's how she put it:

What did I do wrong? What did I do? I actually, I probably did mess up. I’m just curious what I did.”

Valkyrae's honest patrons informed her of the NVL rule. According to the NVL rule, RP players are supposed to raise their hands when someone is pointing a weapon at them.

The streamer immediately realized what she had done and apologized for the same, knowing that she could be looking at a temporary ban for breaching the RP server's guidelines.

Published 04 Apr 2021, 21:33 IST
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