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Indian guy wearing 'women's clothing' tries to hit on a Twitch IRL streamer, fails miserably 

Image Credits: GGria/ Twitchlonger/ YouTube
Image Credits: GGria/ Twitchlonger/ YouTube
Modified 09 Nov 2020, 20:18 IST

In a clip which has resurfaced online recently, an Indian passerby desperately attempts to hit on a Twitch IRL streamer, only to end up failing quite miserably.

Having raked in over 116K views so far, the clip from 2019 recently went viral on YouTube. In the clip, a Twitch streamer by the name of GGria can be seen interacting with her viewers.

Suddenly, she finds herself interrupted by a random passerby who goes on to introduce himself in a rather interesting manner. After stating that he's Indian, he goes on to ask if she wants to hang out with him.

When she asks him why she would do so, he comes up with reasons which range from him "wearing women's clothing" to having $900 in his pocket.

Twitch streamer shuts down random passerby who tries to hit on her

GGria is a Twitch streamer who has around 40K followers on the Amazon-owned platform. Originally from China, she resides in Canada , where she moved for University.

Apart from Twitch, she also has around 132K followers on Instagram, where she often documents her travels to different places.


She is primarily known for her Just Chatting streams and is a fitness enthusiast with a penchant for travel and cooking.

She can also be spotted streaming games such as League of Legends:

In a clip from her Twitch IRL stream which recently went viral on YouTube, GGria is approached by an random passerby who introduces himself, in interesting fashion:

"How are you? From India....let's hang out! "

When she asks him why would she want to hang out with him, he comes up with a reply which no one could have possibly seen coming:

"Because I'm from India....I'm wearing women's clothing. Do you want to hang out? I have $900, we could go somewhere else instead of Chick-fil-A. We could go to a restaurant."

In response, GGria tries her best to contain her laughter as she proceeds to politely turn him down.

Once he is on his way, she is left in splits as she glances at her camera and exclaims "What?" as her bewildered audience watch on in amusement.

Published 09 Nov 2020, 20:09 IST
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