Is Animal Crossing: New Horizons slowly dying as of 2022?

Players are wondering if Animal Crossing: New Horizons is nearing its end in 2022 (Image via Nintendo)
Players are wondering if Animal Crossing: New Horizons is nearing its end in 2022 (Image via Nintendo)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released right at the beginning of the pandemic, when people were confined within their homes. The game became a massive success due to its life-simulation nature, wherein players could get some semblance to their normal life by interacting with different kinds of villagers.


There are a bunch of different activities that players can indulge in while playing the title. Furthermore, Nintendo kept adding regular updates to keep the game fresh and addictive for players.

However, the 2.0 update that came in November was announced to be the final free major update that New Horizons players would get for their beloved title. Naturally, this raises the question: Is Animal Crossing: New Horizons dying?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is still widely popular in 2022

Despite Nintendo having announced that they would not release any more major free updates for players of New Horizons, new players join the life-simulation title community every day. This is primarily due to the vast variety of content present within the game.

Although the title had a lot of different elements present in it, it got somewhat boring and repetitive for veteran players of the title early in 2021, since they had practically done everything that was possible in the game.

Since then, players had been asking for new features and items. However, these demands fell on deaf ears, even during E3 2021. There were no major updates announced for New Horizons, which really disappointed the community and it led them to believe that the game would slowly die out.


However, Nintendo surprised the community with a major 2.0 update in November, which included a ton of content in the game. With many characters being added from previous titles as well as new features being added to the game, Nintendo breathed new life into the title.

New Horizons has once again reached immense popularity with new players joining the community, and has seen a spike in older players returning to the game as well.

Therefore, despite Nintendo's announcement of no more updates, it seems unlikely that Animal Crossing: New Horizons will die out any time soon, since players are still discovering silent features that were added to the game with version 2.0.