Is the EA FC 24 Radioactive Ultraviolet pack worth it?

EA FC 24 has a new Radioactive promo pack (Image via EA Sports)
EA FC 24 has a new Radioactive promo pack (Image via EA Sports)

The EA FC 24 Radioactive Ultraviolet pack is the latest special option available to players in Ultimate Team. The pack is part of the ongoing promo, which has introduced some amazing items. While standard variants have very low odds, packs like the current release offer far better chances of securing a promo item. Additionally, there are guaranteed walkouts and better cards on offer.

However, there's a catch — the cost of the promo pack is significantly more than normal variants. Whether you choose to spend FC Points or coins, the outlay isn't cheap. This makes it important to analyze the EA FC 24 Radioactive Ultraviolet before expending resources.

All EA FC 24 Radioactive Ultraviolet contents

The valuation of any promo pack effectively depends on three major factors.

  • The total number of cards from the pack.
  • The odds of each type of pack.
  • The cost of the pack.

The EA FC 24 Radioactive Ultraviolet offers a total of 60 Rare Gold players, with five of those guaranteed to be rated 87 or higher. The remaining 55 will all be rated 82 or higher, and there are additional loan items. You can receive four Radioactive Loan Picks (1 of 2) for a duration of 10 games.

Here are the odds of the special pack:

  • Gold 82+ player - 100%
  • Gold 90+ player - 29%
  • Radioactive player - 45%

This pack officially offers the best chance to secure a Radioactive item. While not all the items are equally valuable, there's always a chance to get the best cards.

Is the EA FC 24 Radioactive Ultraviolet worth it?


The promo pack can be bought with 450,000 coins or 3,000 FC points. You can only acquire one copy, and all received items will be untradeable. This certainly makes things trickier, as you can't sell any of the cards you get.

You will get at least five walkouts, with all of them having a minimum rating of 87. This could also include one of the higher-rated Radioactive items currently available in packs. However, this packs a lot of coins, and the remaining items might not be good enough.

You can always use fodder for SBCs, and there are plenty of good ones to complete. That said, it's best to avoid investing in this pack unless you have plenty of disposable coins or choose to open it with FC points.