Is F1 23 Champions Edition worth it?

The Champions Edition features Max Verstappen as the cover icon (Image via EA Sports)
The Champions Edition features Max Verstappen as the cover icon (Image via EA Sports)

F1 23 is currently available in two different options – Standard Edition and Champions Edition. This has been a standard procedure for EA Sports, which adopted the same method for games like NHL 23 and FIFA 23. The two editions differ in terms of their offerings and price, confusing prospective buyers about which is a better buy. The Champions Edition appears to be a better buy, as players will receive plenty of additional content.

This includes several in-game bonuses and extra gameplay content. However, these offerings come at an additional price. Let’s examine whether you should opt for the premium version of the F1 23 or stick with the Standard Edition.

F1 23 Standard Edition vs Champions Edition


F1 23 brings a host of new additions and gameplay changes to offer players an immersive experience. Developers Codemasters has implemented feedback received from the community. That said, the Standard and Champions editions differ in terms of their content and prices.

F1 23 Standard Edition contents

  • F1® World Starter Pack
  • 5,000 PitCoin virtual currency to spend in-game

F1 23 Champions Edition contents

  • 3 days of early access
  • Max Verstappen-designed racing in-game items
  • 4 new My Team Racing Icons
  • 4 Braking Point 2 My Team Icons
  • Braking Point 2 Customisation items — Casual and race wear in-game items
  • F1® World Bumper Pack
  • 18,000 PitCoin virtual currency to spend in-game

The base version of the game costs $69.99 on PC and current-gen consoles. The premium edition will cost $20 more and is priced at $89.99. However, as mentioned above, you receive additional content.


The Champions Edition is worth the extra cost if you’re a hardcore racing fan or love the franchise. Choosing this edition means you can start playing the game as of writing and won’t have to wait until June 16 (June 15 in some regions). From the Braking Point 2 storyline to the new World Hub, you can experience all of it thanks to the three-day early access.

You will also get extra Racing Icons across the My Team and Braking Point 2 modes. These icons will serve as great content if you dedicate your time and energy to playing both modes. Finally, the huge amount of PitCoin virtual currency is a great bonus, as the amount you receive from this edition will cost much more if you were to purchase it separately.

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Edited by Dinesh Renthlei
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