Is Luocha worth pulling in Honkai Star Rail?

Exploring everything about Luocha
Exploring everything about Luocha (Image via HoYoverse)

Luocha is set to release in the second phase of update 1.1 of Honkai Star Rail as an Imaginary 5-star character. By treading on the Abundance Path, he will fulfill the role of a healer in the game, which has the least number of characters out of all the categories. Hence, many players would likely be interested to know if he is worth spending all their valuable Stellar Jades on.

Since Honkai Star Rail has a gacha system at its core, F2P accounts have limited access to resources. On that note, it is understandable that players keen to collect characters with flashy designs might want to save and summon units other than Luocha. However, Trailblazers must consider his selling points to make an informed decision.

What makes Luocha worth pulling in Honkai Star Rail?

To determine if Luocha is worth summoning, it is important to understand how his abilities work and interact during combat. His entire kit is designed to provide consistent healing to allies, which only a few Honkai Star Rail characters can do.

Specifically, Luocha’s Skill on cast restores a teammate’s HP based on his ATK stat. It also generates an Abyss Flower stack, which can instantly heal an ally when their health drops to 50% or less. His talents will also provide extra restorative benefits by consuming two of the specified stacks to deploy a Field, which heals teammates when they attack an opponent. Most of his healing is triggered automatically, which will be useful against enemies that can critically wound your characters in battle.

Moreover, his Ultimate unloads a massive Imaginary DMG on every opponent and dispels their debuff. Given how he scales on ATK, you can run him as a sub-DPS unit across multiple team setups.

Image showing Post-Op Conversation Light Cone (Image via HoYoverse)
Image showing Post-Op Conversation Light Cone (Image via HoYoverse)

Additionally, Luocha can use most of the Light Cones in Honkai Star Rail, making him an F2P-friendly unit. On that note, his best 4-star pick will be Post-Op Conversation, as its passive will provide some extra energy and a healing bonus.

As long as you stack enough attacks on his Relic pieces, he can keep your entire team alive against any boss content. Since Bailu and Natasha are the only healers in the game, with the former being a 5-star, he will be essential on the higher floors of Forgotten Halls that require you to use two teams.

Should you summon Luocha in Honkai Star Rail?


While Luocha has the potential to be an all-rounder in Honkai Star Rail, it is up to your discretion to summon him. That said, if you only have Natasha in your account, consider securing him as the second healer since a lot of end-game content will demand you to use a strong restorative ability or two separate team setups.

As of this writing, the game has only one Imaginary unit, which is fairly insignificant compared to the enemies that are weak against the element. Hence, Luocha can be a long-term investment to use against such targets.

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