Is the Pump Shotgun back in Fortnite after the 15.50 update?:  Epic unvaults the most underrated weapon in-game

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda

The Pump Shotgun is one of the most desirable weapons in Fortnite. It hasn't been available in Fortnite for a while, and players have been asking Epic Games to unvault it.

Epic promised that a gun will be unvaulted with the new update. When Epic Games announced the Fortnite 15.50 update, players expected the Pump Shotgun to make a return to the game.

Is the Pump Shotgun back in Fortnite after the Fortnite 15.50 update?

Epic Games does listen to its community, but it's very selective about the requests that it implements. When fans kept requesting to bring the Pump Shotgun back in Fortnite, Epic unvaulted the Rapid Fire SMG instead.

This was a disappointment to a lot of fans, but it should be remembered that the Rapid Fire SMG is a good weapon with an amazing rate of fire.

There's a small catch, though. Fans who've been wondering if the Pump Shotgun is back in Fortnite have some good news.

This weapon is available in the Classic Loot LTM. This LTM features vaulted weapons, which were available during the first half of chapter 1, including the Pump Shotgun. The Pump Shotgun won't be available in Epic and Legendary rarities, though.

One streamer who is a big fan of the weapon is Ali "SypherPK" Hassan. Fans believe that he will be absolutely elated with this news. It won't be long before the famous content creator is seen shooting bullets with his favorite weapon.

The Fortnite community also believes that this weapon will be vaulted in a week, having witnessed what happened to the Flintknock pistol and the Hand Cannon. The Hand Cannon was in the game for less than a week and got vaulted after the Fortnite 15.50 update to make space for the Rapid Fire SMG.


Fortnite pro SypherPK has also got series of videos explaining why the Rapid Fire SMG is a good gun in Fortnite. In his opinion, the quick rate of fire and the quick reloading speed of the weapon make it a good choice.


It's fascinating that Epic Games is taking the route of vaulting and unvaulting weapons every week. This will help keep fans happy and give them something fresh to look forward to every other week.

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