Is the Resident Evil Village Gold Edition worth it at full price?

The Gold Edition can be pre-ordered on console stores (Image via Capcom)
The Gold Edition can be pre-ordered on console stores (Image via Capcom)

Resident Evil Village Gold Edition will be a great entry point for any fan yet to test the latest entry. Released in 2021, Capcom has done justice to the franchise in several ways. The Gold Edition was announced earlier in 2022 and will become available starting October 28 on all platforms.

As the name suggests, the Gold Edition will look to provide a golden experience for fans. It is a combination of the base game along with the highly coveted winter expansion. There are additional bonuses as well, which cost more when bought separately.

However, it all comes at a higher price as well, and hence the question raises - is it worth ordering the special bundle at full price?


Following the events of Biohazard, Resident Evil Village is a direct sequel that brings back the cult status of the horror series. There is a change in setting as players have to combat a new evil in the form of Lady Dumitrescu and the Lycans.

Buyers of the Resident Evil Village Gold Edition will enjoy all of it, along with the latest expansions and features that are coming soon.

Resident Evil Village Gold Edition offers the complete experience along with some interesting goodies

First, the Resident Evil Village Gold Edition has been priced at $49.99 on the Xbox and PlayStation stores. The edition's potential price on Steam isn't known but will likely be updated in a few days.

This is greater than what the base game costs at full price, which is marked at $39.99. Currently, buyers can exercise a $10 discount on the grounds of the Tokyo Game Show, which could take some value of the Gold Edition.

However, there is a case to be made for getting the special edition and how it can be far more valuable.

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If a player intends to get the base game and the winter expansion separately, they will have to fork out a total of $59.98 (assuming the discount on the base game is unavailable). Hence, buyers can save $10 and get extra content with the Resident Evil Village Gold Edition.

The Resident Evil Village Gold Edition isn't just about the winter expansion and base game, as buyers will also be acquiring the Trauma pack. This pack can be acquired separately but will cost $12.99 when bought separately.

This includes certain interesting cosmetics and novelties and unlocks a difficulty mode that will otherwise take a significant amount of time when done via the game.


As far as cosmetics are concerned, buyers of the Resident Evil Village Gold Edition will get an exclusive Street Wolf outfit that cannot be acquired by any other means. The same goes for Resident Evil Re: Verse, a standalone multiplayer game.

It can only be obtained with the Gold Edition and is not available separately. While it is hard to estimate its valuation, players can enjoy a different experience at no added cost.

Based on the recent announcement, some interesting additions are coming to Resident Evil Village in the winter months. One of them will be the availability of the third-person mode, paying homage to classics like Resident Evil 4.

The mercenaries mode will also allow players to play iconic villains like Lord Heisenberg and Lady Dumitrescu.


The main content is a story expansion called Shadows of Rose. It will revolve around Rose, who will have to embark on a dangerous journey where one bite could prove fatal. However, she is not helpless as Rose can freeze enemies with her abilities. It is an interesting journey quite different from the vanilla offerings of the base game.

If someone only wants to experience the base game, getting Resident Evil Village on the current sale will be the correct choice. For existing base game owners, getting the expansions will also be a smart option. However, getting the Resident Evil Village Gold Edition will be a no-brainer for any new player.

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