Resident Evil Village Gold edition confirmed: Release date, new story, third-person mode, Mercenaries upgrade, and more

Players will be able to soon play as iconic villains of the game (Image via Capcom)
Players will soon be able to play as iconic villains of the game (Image via Capcom)

Resident Evil Village is far from over, and Capcom's panel at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 today seems to have emphasized that point. The developers have disclosed what's set to come in the near future for the game, and the changes at the outset look fantastic.

The game will soon be available on more platforms, including the MacBook and Nintendo Switch. Significant updates are also arriving for the popular Mercenaries game mode. Finally, there is some major content on the way for fans in the form of Resident Evil Village Gold Edition.


The Gold Edition will contain the base game alongside some interesting additions and updates. Players who purchase the Resident Evil Gold Edition will receive all of these changes. To get their hands on all the additions, fans will have to wait until October 28, 2022.

Resident Evil Village Gold Edition has cosmetic and gameplay additions, which will surely delight fans

Not only is there new content, but Capcom seems to have fulfilled a major fan request. Resident Evil Village has been a major success, with the game selling more than 6.5 million copies, according to Capcom. However, the developers are focused on improving the game further and providing more scope for enjoyment to their fans.

The first major change is the ability for players to play in third-person mode, which is a staple of the older games. The iconic franchise made a significant contribution to the genre of third-person action-horror games. While Capcom seems to have shifted since then, they're once again providing players with the opportunity to return to their roots.

Resident Evil Village DLC- 3rd person mode with new animations- Mercenaries gets new stages and characters- Shadow Of Rose is the new story campaign (fully 3rd person)Out on October 28 #CapcomShowcase

Players can further enhance this third-person experience of Resident Evil Village with the newest Shadows of Rose story expansion. The upcoming campaign will be based around Rose and will take players on a dangerous journey.

According to the developers, a single bite on these missions could prove to be fatal for them. However, Rose isn't without special powers, which is something that she needs to learn how to control. In the face of adversity, these will be her greatest assets as she will be able to freeze and destroy enemies.


The Mercenaries mode has been quite popular with the community and gets even better in Resident Evil Village. Now, there will be more missions and new characters to play, including Lady Dimitrescu, Lord Heisenberg, and others.

This will be even more accessible as Capcom brings Resident Evil 4 to MacBook devices. The cloud version will also be released for the Nintendo Switch, with a demo scheduled for release soon. Resident Evil 1, 2, and 3 will also receive similar treatment, which is great news for Nintendo Switch users. It remains to be seen how fans will react to the game's newest additions and changes.

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