Is skill based matchmaking gone in Fortnite? - No more Sweats?

  • After the recent uproar, Epic Games seem to have rolled back the SBMM changes made yesterday.
  • Skill based matchmaking could possibly be gone from Fortnite yet again.
Modified 15 May 2020, 22:35 IST

Skill Based Matchmaking is allegedly gone from Fortnite (Image Credits: Epic Games Store)
Skill Based Matchmaking is allegedly gone from Fortnite (Image Credits: Epic Games Store)

The hot topic right now is 'Skill Based Matchmaking' in Fortnite.

A part of the Fortnite community, that includes the casual player base, was content with SBMM being removed from Fortnite. This gave them a chance to enjoy Fortnite without trying too hard to play the game. 

The other half, however, did not seem happy with the change. This half consisted of professional players and content creators. The argument they presented states that due to SBMM being removed, high-level lobbies were now plagued with AIs (not real players) who are not fun to play with.

Is skill based matchmaking gone in Fortnite?

To be clear on the issue, Epic Games has not announced any official changes with respect to Skill Based Matchmaking in FortniteA Fortnite Youtuber who goes by the name 'Merl' sums up his opinion about how Epic can balance the SBMM feature in Fortnite this way:

I just hope they can find a balance, It had too many bots, and Fortnite has obviously tried to fix that, but NOW there's way too many sweats and barely any bots / new players. If they find the balance between AI,New Players, Sweats soon.

On May 12th, players started to notice that Squad lobbies seemed like they were functioning with SBMM, with sweats back in the game and destroying low-level players. This seems to have caused an uproar in the community with the demand being that SBMM in Fortnite remain disabled. 

A popular Fortnite YouTuber, who goes by the name SypherPK, was caught in the middle of the whole Fornite Skill Based Matchmaking controversy. You can read the full article about it here: SypherPK under major backlash after Skill based Matchmaking controversy

However, following the community disapproval of SBMM being re-enabled, Epic Games seem to have disabled it once it as players in Squad have started to notice a lot less 'sweats and 'pros'.

At the moment, there is no communication from Epic games on whether the change has been made or not. However, numerous Youtubers have tested the Squad mode and found substantial changes as opposed to yesterday. 


Epic Games' current challenge seems to be finding the right balance in the Skill based Matchmaking department.

Published 13 May 2020, 14:07 IST
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