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ItsAGundam and Pokimane have officially reconciled

ItsAGundam and Pokimane have decided to end their feud.
ItsAGundam and Pokimane have decided to end their feud.
Modified 23 Aug 2020, 12:24 IST

Imane "Pokimane" Anys, who is one of the world's most popular streamers, has found herself in the midst of a major social media storm of late.

Several from the online community have called her out for her hypocritical persona and her attempts at undue censorship of anyone who criticizes her.

The source of all her recent criticism undoubtedly lies in her threatening to go after YouTuber ItsAGundam's sponsors, for releasing a video on how a Pokimane simp fan went homeless for her.

Her infamous statements on ItsAGundam's sponsors proved to be the tipping point for the online community, who since then have persistently criticized the Moroccan-born star. Recently, Pokimane released an official apology video, in which she directly apologizes to ItsAGundam.

Now, ItsAGundam has released a video stating that they both have decided to bury the hatchet and put aside their differences.


ItsAGundam and Pokimane sort out their issues

Throughout his latest 16-minute video, ItsAGundam speaks out on a wide range of topics centered around the Pokimane controversy.

He also mentions how he has been harassed and blamed for making fun of one of Pokimane's fans, when several others on YouTube get away with far worse.

ItsAGundam's comment on his YouTube video, related to harassment (Image Credits: ItsAGundam/ YouTube)

He begins his video by clarifying that he and Pokimane have sorted out things:

Me and Pokimane talked in the dm's , hashed out all of our grievances and found out that we didn't hate each other. It was cool, Poki was chill as f***.
Pokimane herself even said she found some of my jokes funny so it makes all the other Twitch streamers pretending like I'm this terrible person, a moot point for me, because I got the person in the middle of the bullshit to laugh at some of my jokes , so for me that's a win!
Pokimane and ItsAGundam spoke over DM (Image Credits: ItsAGundam/ YouTube)
Pokimane and ItsAGundam spoke over DM (Image Credits: ItsAGundam/ YouTube)

ItsAGundam also criticized Twitch streamers such as Asmongold and Destiny for taking potshots at him:

Asmongold's takes are so bad, his hair's receding because it's trying to distance itself from him!
I don't care if Destiny doesn't like me. Destiny's head is bigger than his f****** body all right, and I think it's to fit that overblown ego. Frankly, Destiny not liking me is a badge of honour!

He also takes a shot at YouTube, which allows all sort of inappropriate content, yet when it comes to him:

Gundam makes a Pixar animation joke, oh my God the man's a wild animal! He's Hitler in disguise!

Gundam also apologizes to any of Pokimane's fans who he may have mocked, because his real intention was purely satire at the expense of Simps.

With ItsAGundam and Pokimane officially setting aside their differences, it now remains to be seen if there is any change in internet perception, once Pokimane returns from here much-needed break.

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Published 23 Aug 2020, 12:24 IST
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