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Jesus Strikes Back: Judgement Day – Storyline

Adolf Hitler in the game
Adolf Hitler in the game
Modified 16 Dec 2018, 22:58 IST

 You already know what this game is about and what to do in the game but what you may not know is the storyline. Jesus Strikes Back has a very unique and humorous way to tell the story. Even the official story on the official website is written in a very twisted manner and coated with sarcasm. In the world of Jesus Strikes Back, the radicals are the villain and obviously your enemies while characters like Jesus Christ, Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Putin are the protagonist. If you are religious or believe in your culture deeply, if you get offended at the slightest mockery of your beliefs then you should just STOP reading here. If not, read further.

Read about Jesus Strikes Back: Judgement Day, Here.

Trump and Putin
Trump and Putin

The official website says,

“The story of JSB:JD is so utterly complex that it simply cannot be conveyed by mere words on a webpage. It is a story so beautifully crafted and rich in detail that it could of very well been written by Tolstoy himself. A story so powerfully moving that it is guaranteed to bring a tear to the eye of even the most reserved, indifferent man.”

The official introduction is written in a very sarcastic manner. This is raw sarcasm, the same raw sarcasm we see all over the internet is now the language of this game. If the official introduction can be this hilarious, how hilarious can the game be? I would love to share some of the posts by developers but the strong language will get me fired. So here is the storyline for you.


The story follows 7 different characters on their own one-man-crusade to destroy the radicals and the new world order and its regime. The characters are Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Jesus Christ, and other historical fellas. In the game, the shared goal of these characters forces them to team up. Even though they do not believe in the same ideals and morals and have very different characteristics and beliefs, they will work together. As the odds are stacked high against them, they will team up and walk towards the victory. The players will put aside their beliefs, religious sentiments, morals and work as a team to liberate the world, free the world from the new world order and restore the old, balanced, and lawful world order. They will fight against the whole world and together they will be victorious.

In the beginning, it sounds really idiotic, maybe people will even get offended but the game is sending us a very deep message through the sarcasm and humor. Put aside your differences of race, religion, and morals and unite as one, as humans.

Published 16 Dec 2018, 22:58 IST
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