“I promise I’ll do better”: Jidionpremium reacts as his Twitch suspension appeal is denied after online feud with Pokimane 

The controversy involving Jidionpremium and Pokimane comes to an end (Image via Twitch/Jidionpremium, Twitter/pokimanelol)
The controversy involving Jidionpremium and Pokimane comes to an end (Image via Twitch/Jidionpremium, Twitter/pokimanelol)
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The JiDion "Jidionpremium" vs Imane "Pokimane" Anys saga is slowly coming to an end, with the former creator revealing he won't be coming back to Twitch anytime soon.

Jidionpremium uploaded a screenshot of the email he received showing that a suspension appeal he sent was denied. Stating that it was "all his fault," he promised to act better in the future, assumedly with reference to the hate-raid saga and the actions he took afterwards

It’s all my faults boys I promise I’ll do better❤️

Jidionpremium and Pokimane drop their feud

JiDion's suspension appeal denial was sent after his indefinite ban on Twitch was made known. It was caused by allegedly harassing Pokimane and the actions he took afterwards. He initially had a 14-day suspension for harassment, which was taken further and changed to an indefinite suspension.

JiDion later tweeted a screenshot of Pokimane's tweet stating that she acknowledged the apology he sent her way, hoping that he acted better in future situations. He stated he was happy that she acknowledged his apology.

Happy you heard my apology @pokimanelol and I will do better. Keep having an amazing career!!! #dijonout ✌🏿

JiDion's attempt at changing his ban status comes before the end of his initial 14-day suspension, which was announced on January 12, 2022. The response he received on the ban appeal was revealed by him on January 19, 2022, just seven days later.

Some users voiced concerns that Pokimane spoke to the staff behind the scenes to turn JiDion's ban from a limited time to an indefinite one. A list brought up by the content creator herself details some of the many actions he allegedly took before and after his suspension.

i’m tired of people minimizing the harassment i’ve received over the last week to “just L+ratio spam”so here's a list ⬇️

Accordingly, JiDion's 14-day suspension turning into an indefinite ban could have been caused by the amalgamation of these actions. However, Twitch has not publicly made known the reason for the same, so it is speculation.

Followers of the Jidionpremium vs Pokimane drama react to the result of his ban appeal

After JiDion's tweet regarding the denial of his ban was uploaded, both his community and the Twitch community on Reddit expressed their opinions. The two sides felt a clear divide.

Several users of Livestream Fail felt JiDion's indefinite ban was deserved, with many of the top-rated comments expressing the same. Others brought up that not enough time had passed for him to score a successful ban appeal.

The replies under JiDion's tweet showed a mix of reactions all over the board.

@Jidion6 It’s ok Demarcus it’s bigger than black and white man all I did was tell her to be careful cause the song she was listening to had the n word in it Ik she had a hard time not saying it
@Jidion6 you rly got banned for exposing pokimane saying the n word and it some how got you all the hate 😭😭😭😭
@Jidion6 Try and get in contact with her and make an apology even if u don’t get unbanned it will still make u feel better and will make the W and L community look better
@Jidion6 Twitch racist agenda???
@Jidion6 i mean u did it to urself ngl

According to Twitch rules, Jidionpremium has the possibility of scoring a successful ban appeal in the future, as he is not limited to a single try.

Currently, the spotlight of the whole controversy is on Pokimane and Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, after the latter's wife alluded to initiating legal action under the clause of "defamation" after Anys supposedly lied about Blevins' actions in a related incident.

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