"Is there a chance?": Jake Lucky and AttorneyTom talk about outcome of possible Ninja vs Pokimane lawsuit

AttorneyTom speaks to Jake Lucky (Images via Twitter/pokimanelol, AttorneyTom, Red Bull)
AttorneyTom speaks to Jake Lucky (Images via Twitter/pokimanelol, AttorneyTom, Red Bull)
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With the Twitch community's spotlight currently shining on the drama between Imane "Pokimane" Anys and Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, Jake Lucky took the opportunity to clear out some questions people may have regarding the situation.

Jake Lucky enlisted the help of Tom "AttorneyTom" Kherkher, a practicing attorney who is a content creator on the side, to help him break down the possible outcome of a lawsuit against Pokimane from Ninja. Jake asked:

"Is there a chance Ninja or Jessica Blevins could even win a lawsuit against Pokimane?"

AttorneyTom tells Jake Lucky that Ninja would need to prove Pokimane "acted with malice"

Many questions have been afloat since Pokimane revealed the messages she received from both Ninja and his wife, Jessica Blevins.

The two alluded to taking further action, with Jessica flat out dropping the involvement of their legal team in the ongoing matter.

I spoke to an attorney on the Pokimane vs. Ninja and Jessica Blevins potential lawsuit and if they had a chance at winningHere is what @attorney_tom had to say

To get to the bottom of the issue, legality-wise, esports enthusiast Jake Lucky invited AttorneyTom for a conversation about a scenario in which Ninja did end up suing Pokimane. A clip of their conversation was posted to Twitter:

"I got in touch with AttorneyTom, who's actually a creator and also an attorney, who's been recently diving into more of the gaming/streaming world with some of his clips. So I asked him, 'Is there a chance that Ninja or Jessica Blevins could even win a lawsuit against Pokimane?'"

AttorneyTom then began speaking, explaining what Ninja would have to do to win a defamation case:

"So, essentially, because Ninja is a public figure, if he wants any shot at winning a defamation lawsuit against Pokimane, he's going to have to prove that Poki acted with actual malice when she made her statements."
"What actual malice is, is essentially that Poki knew the statements she was making were false at the time she was making them, yet she still decided to make them anyway."

After explaining the premise of the possible defamation lawsuit, AttorneyTom then got to the meat of the conversation, revealing whether he thought Ninja could win the legal battle:

"Based off of the evidence and the videos that I've seen, I think there is no way that Ninja could prove that."

The video ends there, with the statement clearing up any confusion one might have on the likeliness of Ninja successfully suing Pokimane.

Viewers react to AttorneyTom's explanation of possible Ninja vs Pokimane lawsuit

Jake Lucky's video, which was uploaded on Twitter, was seen by quite a few people. The consensus seemed to be overwhelmingly against Ninja and his wife.

@JakeSucky @attorney_tom No way at all. I'm not even a Poki simp. Ninja and Jessica are completely in the wrong and always find ways to cause drama. Poki wasn't lying when she said ninja did or said these things. She showed video of it that ninja made sure to delete. But you know nothing stays deleted.
@JakeSucky @attorney_tom Here in Canada, Ninja would likely be paying court costs and Poki's legal fee's too.Not sure if that is true in the US.
@JakeSucky @attorney_tom POKI however could easily DISPROVE an allegation of malice based on the fact that HE SAID HE DID THE THING that SHE SAID HE DID, without even attempting to clarify that he was lying when he said he’d done it. She literally had no reason to believe he’d faked sending the text.

The issue at hand stemmed from when Pokimane brought up Ninja's involvement in the aftermath of JiDion "Jidionpremium"'s suspension, as the Fortnite player stated that he had texted his Twitch representative in order to aid JiDion.

Jessica Blevins and Ninja, however, denied that they did the same, choosing to send ominous messages to Pokimane which she showed to her followers on Twitter and Twitch. While Ninja's text was vague, Jessica admitted to bringing in a legal team to pursue further action.

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