Pokimane claims that Ninja texted Twitch in support of JiDion, shows video proof 

Pokimane gives proof of JiDion being supported by Ninja (Image via Sportskeeda)
Pokimane gives proof of JiDion being supported by Ninja (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Today Pokimane made the accusation against Ninja that he was trying to help JiDion repeal his ban, and showed a video taken from Ninja's stream as proof.

This ban comes from the recent drama surrounding Pokimane, where she has been receiving flak from the internet for many different reasons. Pokimane and her supporters claim these hate comments and attacks against her are mainly because she's a woman.

The claim of misogony was pushed as the main point against haters, and was made even stronger after streamer JiDion sent his fans to spam hateful messages in Poki's chat. Some of JiDion's supporters even went as far as to harass members of the chat privately, and with that and all the other factors taken into consideration by Twitch, JiDion was banned indefinitely.

The ban caused a huge reaction from his fans to try and get him unbanned, as well as Ninja, who gifted the streamer subscriptions and gave him advice to not do that again. Pokimane didn't like that Ninja was supporting someone who had sent fans after her, so she called him out on her livestream:

"Why Ninja would help someone evade a ban for harassing me? I have no idea, maybe to appease JiDion's fans."

Pokimane claims Ninja attempted to help JiDion, has proof to back it up

Pokimane also summarized something that Ninja supposedly said on stream about the whole situation, and she found some of his wording to be misogonistic:

"'You can't run around raiding b*tches on Twitch.' Which JiDion obviously immediately takes as Ninja calling me a b*tch. Ninja then says he meant b*tches generally. I wonder if Ninja would have said 'b*tches' if it was a large male streamer that was hate raided?"

She then explained that Ninja tried to contact his representative at Twitch about getting JiDion unbanned, and she had the proof to back it up. Pokimane showed a clip of the stream that this all took place in, and highlighted the moment where Ninja said that he sent a text to his guy at Twitch.

"All right, I sent the text. I don't promise a god d*mn thing, 'cause at the end of the day what happened, happened"

This direct quote from Ninja is damning evidence, and clearly shows that even if he never really sent the text, he still originally claimed he did. Users on Reddit shared their reaction to these new pieces of information:

It seems that with this scenario, people have gone from accusing Pokimane to defending her, while pointing the finger at Ninja instead.It remains to be seen if this will be the turning point in the war against Pokimane, or if this ends up being just a small hiccup in the ever-growing hate-train that is being targeted at her.

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