What is Jessica Blevins’ net worth? Breaking down the financials of Ninja’s wife as battle against Pokimane continues

What is Jessica Blevins' net worth? (Image via Team Ninja)
What is Jessica Blevins' net worth? (Image via Team Ninja)

Jessica Blevins, wife of Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, recently made news for her involvement in the feud between Ninja and Imane "Pokimane" Anys.

She and her husband are seemingly gearing up to take legal action against Pokimane for accusing Ninja of committing acts that he allegedly hasn't done. The message, being referred to as a "threat," has left the streamer community in confusion following several pieces of evidence that point out otherwise.

Jessica Blevins' net worth and career explored

While Jessica Blevins is most often referred to as Ninja's wife, she also plays another crucial role in his life. Her net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

Ninja and Jessica Blevins (Image via Twitter/JessicaBlevins)
Ninja and Jessica Blevins (Image via Twitter/JessicaBlevins)

She currently has a job as Ninja's manager, and according to a CNBC interview from 2018, made around $250k a year from the occupation at the time. Naturally, the amount will have grown by quite some margin by now.

She also has a Twitch channel that she occasionally streams to, but statistics regarding her subscriber count are unavailable. However, Jessica streams to around 200 to 400 viewers on average.

Jessica stepped into the role of being Ninja's manager after she noticed his lack of professionalism. She began by slowly helping him out, replying to e-mails and pitching him to sponsors. Since November 2018, she has become the head of "Team Ninja," which consisted of 15 members at the time, and has possibly grown over the past four years.

Jessica has also stated that she doesn't spend a lot on purchases often, and only chooses to go on occasional trips with her husband, or buy branded fashion items. One of the couple's biggest purchases is a 6,700 square foot house in Chicago, which is worth more than $1 million.

Jessica Blevins and husband Ninja in touch with legal team regarding Pokimane controversy

Jessica sparked controversy after she involved herself in the drama between Pokimane and Ninja. Both husband and wife messaged Pokimane in private, and uniformly stated that Ninja did not send any sort of text to his Twitch representative.

This was in reference to Pokimane stating that Ninja had said he had texted his Twitch representative to help JiDion "Jidionpremium" when the YouTuber/Twitch content creator was facing punishment from Twitch. JiDion was banned for harassing Pokimane and breaking the purple platform's Terms of Service (TOS).

As shown in a screenshot uploaded by Pokimane herself, Jessica alluded to initiating legal action after the former allegedly "defamed" Ninja. Ninja's message to her (which she showed on her stream) also hinted at further action, exclaiming that Pokimane was making a "big mistake."

The message sent by Jessica was ill-received by many, as Pokimane had shown video footage of Ninja verbally stating that he had messaged his representative.