Joe Rogan faces severe backlash after alleged transphobic comments during his podcast

Joe Rogan has been accused of transphobia due to comments on a recent JRE episode.
Joe Rogan has been accused of transphobia due to comments on a recent JRE episode.
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During a recent one of his podcast episodes, featuring comedian Jim Breuer, Joe Rogan made comments that were branded “transphobic.”

Joe Rogan’s podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” has come under scrutiny many times in the past. Some of the guests he has invited over the years have been accused of spreading misinformation and propaganda about various socio-economic and political topics.

During the March 19th episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, comedian/actor Jim Breuer and Joe Rogan discussed transgenders. Rogan suggested that various members of the community tend to “use” their status to receive praise from others. His comments were accused of being transphobic, with various people on Twitter criticizing the podcast host.

Joe Rogan faces accusations of transphobia after March 19th podcast episode.

Joe Rogan had invited comedian and long-term friend Jim Breuer for his March 19th podcast episode. The two discussed a variety of topics and talked about transgender people for some time as well. Joe Rogan spoke about the “motive” of people who transition from one gender to another:

“It’s not fake. There are people who really have these thoughts. The problem is, it becomes a protected subject, and then you get praised for transferring your gender, for changing your gender. And then it gets exciting for people to talk about, and then you get chastised for even discussing it in any weird way.”

Following this, Joe Rogan said that the culture has become such that even “generally dumb” people are praised for changing their genders.

“And then people who were marginalized for being like, generally dumb people, if they transfer over and become another gender, then they get praised. There are a lot of people who are idiots, but then they become trans, and now all of a sudden we think they’re amazing.”

The podcast guest, Breuer, immediately agreed, and used the term “transv***ite” to describe the community.

Joe Rogan was immediately aware of the problematic connotations of the term, as Breuer talked about how he was from the “80s.” Back then, it was a term that was commonly used, as he explained that he cannot be “de-programmed”.


Regardless, this is not the first time that Joe Rogan’s podcast has come under fire for comments related to the transgender community. Back in July 2020, author Abigail Shrier also made problematic comments during an episode. As can be seen, Joe Roganhas been called out for being transphobic multiple times in recent weeks.

She suggested that it might not be safe for young women to change their genders, and the podcast had come under fire back then as well. Since the incident, Digital Media News have reported a flurry of emails from people who were upset with the latest discussion.

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