"Just ask anyone, except Jimmy Fallon": Disguised Toast roasts Jimmy Fallon in humorous fashion

Disguised Toast (image via Disguised Toast)
Disguised Toast (image via Disguised Toast)
Aryan Mehta
Modified 11 Apr 2021

Earlier this week, Jimmy Fallon hosted an Among Us stream on his Twitch channel featuring the biggest names in the game barring Disguised Toast.

The internet community as well as his friends like Valkyrae were saddened by his exclusion as Disguised Toast was one of the "OG" streamers who contributed massively to the game's popularity and adoption today.

After acknowledging the snub, Disguised Toast recently made light of the situation during a recent stream on his Twitch channel.

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Disguised Toast makes fun of his exclusion from the Jimma Fallon Among Us stream

During an impromptu stream on his Twitch channel, Disguised Toast can be seen unboxing some paraphernalia and showing it to his chat. At one point he unboxed a custom keycap that was modeled after the dead Among Us character model with the bone sticking out at the top. After showing the item to his chat Toast had the funniest follow up referencing the Jimmy Fallon situation.

"It's coz I play Among Us, I'm known as the Among Us guy, just ask anyone. Except Jimmy Fallon"

For those out of the loop, Jimmy Fallon's Among Us stream on Twitch consisted of Valkyrae, Corpse Husband and Sykkuno but was missing Disguised Toast. After the stream, fans flocked to Disguised Toast asking him about his exclusion, to which he replied:

"I was big when Among Us first started but I'm not as big as the others anymore right ? It just doesn't make any marketing perspective for Among Us or Jimmy Fallon to have me on instead of the others right? Like I'm always going to be fourth, it doesn't matter what I did for the game at the beginning, it's what is more marketable now . This is just business, it's not the first time ."

Fans were touched by his humility and got the hashtag WeLoveYouToast trending on Twitter to share their support for him.

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Published 11 Apr 2021
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