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Keemstar rates Pokimane a 2 out of 10; Twitter erupts 

The Keemstar x Pokimane feud refuses to die down (Image Credits: Pokimane)
The Keemstar x Pokimane feud refuses to die down (Image Credits: Pokimane)
Modified 29 Jul 2020, 20:57 IST

Daniel Keem, aka Keemstar, recently posted a tweet where he rated popular streamer Imane 'Pokimane' Anys a 2 out of 10. This infuriated her army of fans, commonly referred to the 'simp' army, who slammed him for his tweet and its sexist undertone.

Apart from her fans, several notable streamers too voiced their displeasure as Keemstar's latest tweet was considered regressive and problematic by many.

This is not the first time that they have clashed and there seems to be a lot of prevalent bad blood existing between the two.

Check out his initial tweet below:

He quickly posted another sarcastic tweet below, probably to mask his intention of belittling her, but the damage was already done.

The Pokimane-Keemstar feud

Pokimane and Keemstar have taken potshots at each other on Twitter before with regards to the latter's fan abuse, back in 2018.


Moreover, recently, in May this year, Keemstar once again called her out for apparently lying about her boyfriend.

The above threads highlight the fact that there was already a lot of animosity brewing between the two. However, Keemstar's latest attack was deemed unnecessary and in poor taste and led to a barrage of comments online.

Online reactions to Keemstar's tweet

Keemstar's latest tweet incited a wide range of responses and he invited the wrath of several people, both from the community and outside, as Twitter erupted.

Pokimane appeared to retweet the below tweet as a response to Keemstar's comments:

Check out some of the other responses from the online community below:


Keemstar's Response

While many demanded that the tweet be deleted, Keemstar seemed to show no signs of piping down as he replied in his own sarcastic way:

He also tweeted a video captioned 'I'm Sorry' which turned out to be nothing more than a mock apology:


Keemstar is known to be someone who does not hesitate in putting his views forward and it is this very tendency which often invokes the ire of the online community.

He also directly called out Pokimane's fans in the tweet below:

It seems highly unlikely that he will either delete his controversial tweet or issue an apology as he seems relatively unperturbed by all the backlash, continuing to remain his self-centred, brazen self:

Middle Ground in a Toxic Environment


While the recent outburst is justified in terms of it being an unnecessary attack, there are a few who believe that Pokimane's simp army are taking it a step too far by overreacting.

The sole intention of Keemstar's tweet was perhaps to incense and trigger her blind and loyal fanbase who have been criticized for their reactionary responses.

One user even summed up the irony behind the whole situation and shared his own views on the entire fiasco:

While there are some who appear to not be affected at all by the developments, questioning the very relevance of the entire matter:

What needs to be noted is that while both Keemstar and Pokimane have their respective fanbases, it becomes imperative to maintain a reasoned middle ground.

Moreover, in the present scenario, where the internet often serves as a breeding ground for toxicity, being excessively carried away by sentiments often results in an endless back and forth mud-slinging match with no clear winner emerging.

The current uproar, however, doesn't seem to be showing any signs of abating as Keemstar's recent controversial remarks have landed him in the midst of yet another Twitter storm.


You can watch the video below, which addresses the recent Keemstar- Pokimane feud:

Published 29 Jul 2020, 20:34 IST
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