League of Legends developers to finally disable the Chemtech Drake after weeks of community backlash

The overpowered Chemtech Drake is finally ready to see its way out of the game (Image via League of Legends)
The overpowered Chemtech Drake is finally ready to see its way out of the game (Image via League of Legends)
Rishov "Vergil" Mukherjee

Chemtech Drake was introduced to League of Legends during pre-season 2022. Since its release, fans have asked for heavy nerfs or removal of the same from the game on account of it being overpowered.

It seems like the developers are finally listening as they are going to disable the Chemtech Dragon for the time being from League of Legends. The developers have stated that they will be working on a rework to ensure that this new drake feels more balanced.

We heard your feedback and we're disabling the Chemtech Drake πŸ‘€Read all the details ➑

Chemtech Drake is arguably the strongest within the game. Its soul is obnoxious to deal with and offers almost no chance for counterplay.

League of Legends developers stated that the Chemtech Drake would be away from the game for a long time

Chemtech Drake was part of two new dragons that were introduced to the game during pre-season 12. While Hextech Drake is much more balanced and fun to play against, Chemtech Drake is an absolute nightmare.

This is because when Chemtech Drake takes over the rift, it causes camouflage regions. This results in vision across the map being completely obstructed. In fact, such is the case that inside the Chemtech Drake camouflage region, only pink wards are viable.

This makes vision control around objectives very difficult for players. However, the issue does not end here as Chemtech soul resurrects a zombie version of a champion after death. This zombie can fight for a few seconds and use all abilities of the once alive champion.

chemtech drake disabled until further notice

These zombies can practically clean up low-health enemies leading to teamfights becoming a huge problem. Thus, fans have been asking for the removal of Chemtech Drake from the game.

It seems that the developers are finally listening, as, after a few attempts at nerfing it, they have concluded that it needs to be disabled. The League of Legends developers have also claimed that Chemtech Drake will be re-designed and away from the game for quite a while now.

As such, it will also be removed from professional play for the time being. Thus, League of Legends fans will not have to worry about Chemtech Drake and can play their game in peace.

removed from the game and will be removed for LEC this weekend as well

The exact way in which the changes will be introduced is obviously a mystery. However, they have claimed that they will ensure the reprised Chemtech Drake feels balanced once re-released.

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