League of Legends LCK 2021: Qualified teams and schedule for playoffs

LCK summer playoffs schedule and qualified teams (Image via League of Legends)
LCK summer playoffs schedule and qualified teams (Image via League of Legends)

LCK is the Korean League of Legends championship that is conducted on a yearly basis.

LCK is by far one of the most competitive as some of the best teams in the world are from this region. Apart from that, last year’s World Champion, DWG KIA, is also part of the LCK and will be looking to defend their title.

The MSI 2021, showed that DWG is quite vulnerable at times and teams like RNG who bring DWG’s game against themselves often end up winning. This is because the team tends to struggle against consistent and methodical plays with very little scope for exploiting errors. As a result, other teams have taken their place at the very top.

Qualified teams and schedule of League of Legends’ LCK 2021

The current iteration of League of Legends' LCK featured Liiv Sandbox and Nongshim Redforce as two of the most dominant teams within the summer split. However, both of these teams fell apart towards the end of the series. Apart from that, Gen.G has also been a powerhouse even though they failed to maintain their position at the very top. The summer split in the LCK has been filled with ups and downs and has by far been the most interesting amongst all the top regional championships.

LCK Summer playoffs schedule (Image via League of Legends)
LCK Summer playoffs schedule (Image via League of Legends)

However, as the series progressed, DWG managed to regain their position and turned the table upside down. They won all of their matches towards the end of the season and thereby showed why they are the reigning world champions. In the final week of the season, DWG gained the top seed as Gen.G climbed back to second position. The dominant Nongshim Redforce slipped to third position and T1 maintained a fourth place finish. The fifth and sixth places have been occupied by Afreeca Freecs and Liiv Sandbox.

The playoffs will be conducted between August 18 and 28. Currently, DWG and Gen.G have booked a place in the second round on account of their top tier finishes during the Summer Split. However, the other teams have to qualify through the first round games to make it into the second round.

LCK is quite brutal in terms of qualification as there is no lower bracket. All the teams will play a best of 5 elimination where the winner progresses and the loser goes home. This is probably the reason behind the dominance of the LCK teams within League of Legends and their near perfect gameplay.

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