League of Legends LoLdle answers 443: Saturday, September 23, 2023

LoLdle answers for September 23, 2023 puzzles (Image via Riot Games)
LoLdle answers for September 23, 2023 puzzles (Image via Riot Games)

The LoLdle answers for its 443rd iteration are now available. To answer the five riddles, comprehensive knowledge regarding the characters in League of Legends is pivotal. This includes their skins, abilities, emoticons, and more. Furthermore, players must memorize certain quotes related to LoL figures to successfully tackle LoLdle's five mind-bending brainteasers.

This article addresses the LoLdle questions released on September 23.

Annie, Kha’Zix, and other League of Legends LoLdle answers for 443rd edition (September 23, 2023)


The LoLdle solutions for September 23's puzzles are as follows:

  • Classic: Annie
  • Quote: Kha’Zix
  • Ability: Karthus, Bonus: W
  • Emoji: Lissandra
  • Splash Art: Kog’Maw, Bonus: Hextech Kog’Maw

Guessing Annie's name could be straightforward for some players if they are well-versed in all things League of Legends. Hailing from the region of Noxus, she made her in-game debut in 2009. The quote riddle should also be easy to figure out since Kha’Zix is a frequently used jungler in the current meta.

Identifying Karthus's ability can be tough due to his low pick rate. However, the emoji puzzle should take no time to decipher at all since Lissandra is a popular LoL champion. Similarly, figuring out Kog’Maw's Hextech splash art is unlikely to pose a problem.

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The answers to LoLdle's 444th edition will be published on September 24, 2023.