League of Legends patch 11.24 will be delayed by a week, micro-patch to hit servers today

Will League of Legends patch 11.24 fix the “Nocturne-Axiom” exploit? (Image via Riot Games)
Will League of Legends patch 11.24 fix the “Nocturne-Axiom” exploit? (Image via Riot Games)

The arrival of League of Legends patch 11.24 will be delayed by a week due to Thanksgiving. Instead of going live next week, the update will be scheduled to drop on December 8.

Patch 11.24 will be the first update that preseason 12 gets after it arrived a week ago with 11.23. The preseason is when Riot Games experiments with many changes that they want to introduce to minimize the balance issues as much as possible before Season 12 officially drops in January.

Patch preview's gonna be next week, since the next patch is 2 weeks from now. 11.23's a 3 week patch because of Thanksgiving 🦃We do have a micropatch today to fix some edgecases with objective bounties though.

Needless to say, while League of Legends patch 11.23 successfully brought two new elemental Drakes, new Runes, items, and in-game mechanics, it also brought with it significant bugs and exploits that are currently game-breaking.…For the full patch schedule if anyone is interested

With patch 11.24, players are expecting a significant number of fixes from Riot, making it a massive update.

Will League of Legends patch 11.24 fix the “Nocturne-Axiom” exploit?

I just played against Axiom Arc Nocturne. I'm closing my client for the night.

One of the most significant exploits that made its way to the League of Legends preseason 12 is the “Nocturne-Axiom” combo.

The Legendary item, Axiom Arc, has made it possible for Nocturne to access his ultimate just a few seconds after using it. This has made playing against him after the 15-minute mark quite overwhelming, and there is hardly any counter-play to what he brings to the table.

@RiotPhlox Delete axiom arc from the game stop it have you seen the clips of three nocturne r being used in less than a minute?? Same with tryndamere wtf that is disgusting

The “Nocturne-Axiom” combo is definitely headed for a nerf in 11.24. However, some gamers also believe that this exploit might just be addressed in today’s micro-patch.

Riot Phlox did mention in a tweet that the micro-patch will be targeted more towards the new Objective Bounties. However, there is a slight chance that Axiom Arc will get addressed as well.

It’s not just with Nocturne that Axiom Arc is synergizing well with. It’s passive that lowers the champions’ ultimate cooldown also comes in handy for picks like Talon, who shot up in the Jungle tier list rather rapidly.

Much like Nocturne, Talong is a bit dependent on his ultimate. After mid-game, he is becoming tough to deal with in League of Legends preseason 12.

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