League of Legends: Wild Rift will be getting its ARAM mode in 2021

2021 is gearing up to be quite the year for Wild Rift (Image via Riot Games)
2021 is gearing up to be quite the year for Wild Rift (Image via Riot Games)

For League of Legends’ mobile-based game, Wild Rift, 2021 is going to be an incredible affair.

Not only is the mobile MOBA going to get its first official ranked season, but the developers have also promised to release two champions every month. 

In their latest Season 2021 Opening Day trailer, Riot Games highlighted some of the changes they will bring to their League of Legends-based titles.

IPs like Wild Rift, Legends of Runeterra, and Teamfight Tactics will have an exciting new season in 2021.

For Wild Rift, one interesting piece of news for fans and players is the introduction of the ARAM mode, coming later in the year. The alternate game mode is incredibly popular in the base game, League of Legends, and fans are excited about its arrival in the mobile version of the game.

ARAM coming to League of Legends: Wild Rift

ARAM or the All Random All Mid game mode is very popular in League of Legends as it acts as a potent stress buster after a long day of ranked grind.

This fun mode puts players on random champions in a single lane where they duke it out against each other in a fast-paced game format. 

Players will not be able to recall to the base and heal up or purchase items. The only time the item shop will be active is after the champion dies and respawns.

The ARAM game mode in Wild Rift is likely to take place in Howling Abyss as well, and the objective will again be to destroy the opponent’s Nexus.

The ARAM mode for Wild Rift will be up for testing by the end of 2021, and fans are excited to see how the new match type and the map transition into the mobile platform take place.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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