League of Legends Worlds Championship 2021: All teams that have qualified as of August 23, 2021

Image via Riot, the League of Legends 2021 Worlds tournament will take place in Shenzhen, China
Image via Riot, the League of Legends 2021 Worlds tournament will take place in Shenzhen, China

So far for the Worlds qualifiers, 9 teams have punched their ticket and are guaranteed to participate at some level of the tournament at the very least.

The 3 North American teams and the 3 European teams are set in stone; it's just a matter of which team receives what seed.

Meanwhile, Korea is finishing up their post-summer playoffs with 3 of their 4 teams secured for Worlds, and China is about to head into their regional finals to determine who they will send to the Championship tournament.

While each region's qualification criteria alters in some ways, they all generally follow the same track of whoever performs best in the playoffs/Summer Split receives an invitation.

Since things can be a little hectic in figuring out who all are going to the Worlds, here's an updated list as of today.

Who has qualified for the 2021 League of Legends Worlds Championship?

North America - C9, 100T, and TL

The NA has already locked up their 3 teams for Worlds after C9 topped TSM for the final slot. TSM FTX started off as the 1 seed in the Summer playoffs but couldn't rally from their early loss to Team Liquid.

TL has dominated the LCS playoffs by besting C9, TSM, and 100T and effectively secured their Worlds spot. They will finish as the second seed for Worlds at the worst as they move on to the LCS finals.

100T and C9 hold the other 2 spots for North America, and they'll face each other to determine the seeds. The winner of that series will go on to challenge TL while the loser will take the Play-In spot at third place.

Europe - MAD, FNC, and RGE

Like North America, the LEC has selected their 3 teams to represent Europe at the Worlds tournament in similar scenarios. MAD Lions advanced to the finals of the LEC playoffs after beating Rogue in the upper bracket, thus granting them the 2 seed at worst in the World Championship.

They'll play the winner of Rogue and Fnatic to determine who gets the 1 seed and who gets the 2. The loser of Fnatic and Rogue matchup will take the third-place spot and move to the Play-In stage.

For the first time in years, G2 will not represent the LEC at the Worlds stage, possibly ending their hot streak of appearances for good.

Korea - DK, T1, and GEN

Korea handles their Worlds teams a little differently by including Championship points into the equation. DWG KIA has locked up the 2 seed at worst for Korea by obtaining the most Championship points throughout the regular season, but they could enter the Worlds at a better seed by winning the LCK Summer Playoffs.

Gen.G and T1 are in a similar boat as they qualified for Worlds with the fourth-place Play-In spot at the worst. T1 will face DK in the Summer finals for the LCK and could potentially take the 1 seed right from under them. Otherwise, they'll move to either the third or fourth place seed entering the Worlds.

Gen.G will finish with the third seed at best since T1 knocked them out of the Summer Playoffs over the weekend.

Edited by R. Elahi
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