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League of Legends: Riot Games releases the teaser for upcoming Season 10

Published 09 Jan 2020, 20:37 IST
09 Jan 2020, 20:37 IST


Riot Games has released the official teaser for the upcoming Season 10 of League of Legends. The teaser is titled 'Warriors' and is a remake of a music video with the same name that was released during the League of Legends Worlds 2014. Warriors is sung by Edda Hayes and is produced by famous composing team 2WEI.

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The teaser features multiple storylines taking place in the world of Runeterra. It begins with Garen leading the Demacian army with Lux behind her fighting against Sylas and his comrades. The second shot shows Vi and Caitlyn taking down Zaun monsters that are trying to free their leader Urgot who is kept inside what seems to be an experiment chamber.

The third and final storyline features Ezreal taking an orb from a pedestal which then triggers a trap that releases countless void creatures. The video then shows all the battles, and it ends with Lux levitating using her magic showing fans that the new season is here. 

Popular music band Imagine Dragons originally sang Warriors back in 2014. Riot Games releases a teaser before the start of a new season, trying to hype everyone for the new season grind. Last year they released ‘Awaken’ which became an instant hit in the League of Legends community.

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