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League of Legends: Talking points from week 6 of LCS

Kuldeep Thapa
52   //    17 Jul 2019, 11:47 IST

Via LOL Esports
Via LOL Esports

Week 6 of LCS Summer Split has ended and there was a lot of action to talk about. Team Liquid stands alone at top of the standings after defeating CLG. The mid-table looks very congested as currently, 5 teams are battling out for the playoff spot. Here are the major highlights from week 6 of NA LCS.

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Team Liquid grabs the top spot

Team Liquid and CLG faced each other this weekend for the number one spot in the table. Both the teams were having a strong season as they shared the number one spot before this week. Team Liquid went 1-1 in the previous week while CLG had been riding high for the past few weeks. However, when the teams met during the weekend, Team Liquid showed why they are the indisputable kings of North America as they comfortably won the game. This puts Team Liquid as the sole leaders of the league.

TSM vs Cloud 9

The old rivals met during the weekend and it was a game full of ups and downs. TSM started the game very well and garnered a huge lead. Zven was dishing out tons of damage on the lethality Varus along with Brokenblade on Jayce. The game looked all done with TSM taking Baron Buff but with Cloud 9 showing resilience they managed to claw their way back into the game. Eventually, Cloud9 won the game making a huge comeback and showing everyone that they are one of the premier teams of the league.

The race for Playoffs tightens

There are 5 teams currently battling out for the playoff spot. Optic Gaming, Clutch Gaming, Golden Guardians and 100 Thieves are all within a difference of one win(Fly Quest are 2 wins apart). The top 4 spots of the playoff look secured and with 2 spots remaining there is not much room for error. There are no clear favorites right now and the battle from here should be pretty interesting.

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