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League of Legends Worlds 2019: FunPlus Phoenix defeats G2 Esports to win maiden Worlds title

10 Nov 2019, 23:48 IST

FPX wins Worlds 2019
FPX wins Worlds 2019

League of Legends Worlds 2019 has ended and FunPlus Phoenix have become the new world champions. FPX smashed G2 Esports 3-0 to win their first-ever championship. The LPL representatives outclassed G2 Esports in every department in what was a completely one-sided series. 

Here is a quick recap of the finals of Worlds 2019:

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Game 1

FPX went with their standard team-fight heavy draft while G2 Esports spiced things up with a Pyke mid. Tian, Gimgoon, and Doinb successfully coordinated a dive on Wunder in the top lane to secure the first kill of the game. FPX and G2 Esports traded a kill in the mid lane but with lane priority, G2 Esports managed to secure the Rift Herald. FPX constantly picked out members of G2 Esports in the side lane, putting G2 Esports far behind. G2 Esports tried to fight back with Wunder splitting in the side lane but a superior team fighting from FPX allowed them to secure victory in game one of the series.

Game 2

A fight broke out near the dragon pit and even though G2 Esports secured the Infernal dragon, they lost three members in the process. FPX seized the top lane with the help of Rift Herald, and G2 Esports could do not anything in return. G2 Esports tried to make a play near the Baron pit, but it was FPX who won the fight in the end. FPX eventually closed the game after winning a team fight in the mid lane.

Game 3

G2 drafted Veiger in the mid lane, trying to counter the team-fight composition of FPX. The early game was close with both teams trading objectives. This was the first game where G2 Esports secured the first blood but FPX was quick to punch back by securing an early dragon. FPX caught G2 Esports off guard by sneaking an early Baron. G2 Esports tried to split the map but FPX with superior teamwork won the game closing the series 3-0.

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