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League Of Legends: Yet more delays for the Wukong Rework; Gets pushed to Patch 10.6

More delays for the Wukong changes
More delays for the Wukong changes
Modified 15 Feb 2020

Yup! Yet more delays before the reworked Wukong finally hit the League of Legends live servers this season.

It seemed like almost a year ago when Riot announced that they would be reworking Wukong’s kit and give him more playmaking potential in team fights and around objectives.

However, over the last couple of months, they have been scraping every PBE change that they made and kept reverting him back to his original state. 

Yetter shares Riot
Yetter shares Riot's refocusing on the new Wukong

In a recent Twitter post, Riot’s Mark “Scruffy” Yetter said that the dev. team will be re-focusing Wukong’s new kit and bring him in the game as a jungler and a top laner.

Moreover, Senior champion designer, August Browning has also broken down their rework goals for the Monkey King and provided fans with a timeline for the changes that will be made to his kit.

The Wukong rework will be akin to that of Shaco
The Wukong rework will be akin to that of Shaco

Though he didn’t explain what the specific changes to Wukong’s kit will be, he did, however, provide fans with a projected patch for the arrival of the rework, and it seems that the new Wukong will not be coming to us any sooner than 10.6.

“I’m jumping on Wukong changes at significantly reduced scope (no VFX and sound support),” Browning said. “Will be working with the assets we have, similar to what we did with Shaco, and picking up where Riot Lutzburg left off as there’s some great work there.”

Riot will be taking much of Wukong 100 to 0 burst potential way, and give him more ways to trick and outplay the opponent. They will be making him much like how they reworked Shaco and not let him be a “one-note” like he used to be.

Wukong’s rework will be hitting the PBE servers on February 18 or 19, and is all the tests go well; we hope that there will not be any more delays to his release.

Published 15 Feb 2020, 12:28 IST
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