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LOL: Wukong rework now re-focuses on bringing him to the top lane and jungle

Riot to re-focus the changes that they are making to Wukong
Riot to re-focus the changes that they are making to Wukong's kit
Modified 14 Feb 2020

With the amount of attention that Riot is putting to reworking The Monkey King, it honestly doesn’t come as a surprise that the official release of his new kit keeps getting delayed.

For months now, the dev. team has been trying to tweak and tinker with Wukong in the PBE, and with every patch, they keep scrapping the changes that they have made.

Riot doesn’t want to make the same mistakes that they made with Akali, two seasons ago. League of Legends’ very own Rogue Assassin turned out to be a balancing nightmare for Riot, and they never really got her kit right. Either she was too strong or too weak, as there was really no halfway with her.

Riot wants to get Wukong right, and so they will be ‘re-focusing’ their rework goals before he is released on the live servers. 

Yetter shares some of the ideas and stats
Yetter shares some of the ideas and stats

Currently, Wukong is busted in the mid lane; he has over a 54% percent win rate in more or less all ranked elos and is one of the few AD bruiser champions who enjoy that dominance along with Irelia and Camille.

His insane amounts of burst damage and invisibility make him a great pick for the mid lane, but not for the top. He has one of the lowest win rates in the top lane and in the jungle, and that is why the dev. team will be focusing on giving him power in those lanes and taking away his mid lane priority.

However, lead gameplay designer Mark ‘Scruffy” Yetter is yet to give an official update on when the Wukong rework will hit the live servers. He does say that it will be ‘shipped in a patch soon,’ so we are speculating that he might come out in 10.4, considering all things go well in the PBE testing. 

Moreover, Yetter also says that, though Wukong will get a new kit, he will not be getting a new VGU update as of now, as other VGU works are taking priority at the moment.

Published 14 Feb 2020, 10:35 IST
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