Leaked Battlefield 6 allegedly surfaces online, depict a futuristic setting

A few screenshots from Battlefield 6 have allegedly leaked (image via @Sian92984059)
A few screenshots from Battlefield 6 have allegedly leaked (image via @Sian92984059)

Electronic Arts' beloved first-person shooter franchise Battlefield is set to make a return soon with Battlefield 6. Slated for a full announcement in the coming weeks, it seems that the reveal has been dampened by the release of a couple of screenshots that are supposedly from Battlefield 6.

Rumored to be returning to a futuristic setting, the screenshots more or less affirm the rumors with a few screenshots depicting planes over an island.

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Apparent Battlefield 6 screenshots leak ahead of official reveal

Recruiting development studio Criterion along with DICE for the development of Battlefield 6, EA has pulled out all the stops to make Battlefield 6 the biggest entry to the franchise yet.


Speaking to fans of the franchise recently, influencer Tom Henderson revealed a few details regarding the Battlefield 6 trailer:

"The beginning of the trailer starts off with a nice sunny blue sky and ends in a dark and rainy mess”, he said, with the battlefield transformed by a storm.

Development focus for Battlefield 6 is also said to be more multiplayer-heavy compared to predecessors, with rumors of a Battle Royale mode, day/night cycles, and dynamic weather as a persistent development focus.

Players will apparently be able to control Osprey military aircraft in the game and will be depicted in the launch trailer.

Tanking the development cycle of Need for Speed by reallocating Criterion Games to Battlefield, Electronic Arts has hedged its bets on the return of the franchise after the lukewarm reception of Battlefield V.

Fans can look forward to a proper reveal in the coming weeks and more detailed gameplay demonstrations by E3 2021.

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