Limbo released for Android phones

Limbo released for Android Phones

The eventful game by Playdead that brought to us a visual of the archetype game surrounded in a classic indie atmospheric platform, Limbo has made its debut for Android devices. Post its first commercial release in the year 2010, that game immediately earned a lot of recognition and accolades. At that time, the game was available on Xbox 360 solely. When it went over to make its debut on PlayStation 3 and PC it won more critical acclaim.

Now this enterprising game has moved on to many platforms . The long list consists of iOS devices, Xbox One and also PlayStation 4. Just two days ago, the game was released by developers Playdead on Google Play and the game has already managed to gather a star rating of 4.9 thus profoundly showing that esthetics of the game has been maintained on this new platform also.

For now we can say that the game does live up to the expectations and standards it had attained with its release on earlier platforms.

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