Logan Paul to join Ken Goldin on February 27 for the final Pokemon Card unpackaging

Image Credit via Logan Paul/Goldin Auctions
Image Credit via Logan Paul/Goldin Auctions

Logan Paul has partnered with Goldin Auctions for the largest Pokemon card unboxing and auction, which will take place on a live stream.

The unboxing began on February 4, and the event is set to continue until February 11, 2021. Logan Paul will be unboxing 36 unopened first edition packs of Pokemon cards that were initially released in 1999. They are incredibly rare packs, and they have the chance to include cards such as holographic Charizard, Blastoise, Chansey, and Hitmonchan.

After the initial week of unboxing events for the Pokemon cards with Logan Paul, one more live stream event is set to take place on February 27 along with Ken Goldin, who is the founder of Goldin Auctions.

The live stream with Ken Goldin is lined up to take place on the 25th anniversary of Pokemon, which was with the original games in 1996. This is just one of many events in the Pokemon world to commemorate the milestone.

Ken Golding will be on the livestream with Logan Paul in order to provide his own analysis on cards and give a PSA score for the rare cards that are pulled. The goal of the February 27 stream on Logan Paul's channel is to show off the cards to their winners, and have them graded live.

"For those of us in the hobby, we know how exciting of a time this is. The value of vintage and modern trading cards and collectibles has taken off and we’re also thrilled to be at the forefront of the growing enthusiasm for rare Pokémon cards,” said Goldin. “Logan was absolutely ahead of the curve in Pokemon collecting. He recognized the trend and then has created such amazing and authentic content that has brought so many more fans into the hobby"

Logan Paul's past card auctions and the current success of Pokemon cards


Streaming unboxing events has become incredibly popular in recent time, especially as the demand for Pokemon cards has continued to increase. Logan Paul is one YouTuber and influencer that has held unboxing events in the past, to some great success.

Logan Paul has to invest some of his own money into the packs, as well as selling the packs to other collectors. The cards pulled from the packs have continued to make far more profit compared to the basic costs of the rare 1999 packs.

Cards in the first edition packs have sold for $369,000 in the past, and plenty others have sold for massive amounts. Logan Paul held unboxings back in October with plenty of rare cards to boast.

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